Happy 1018th birthday, Hungary!

The 20th of August is Hungary’s founding king St. Stephen‘s Day.  It’s also the day of the Foundation of Hungary and “the day of the new bread”. St. Stephen (Szent István király )  who was born in about 975  and he died on the 15th of August, 1038,  led Hungary into the Christian church and he established the institutions of a feudal kingdom and of the church. He was canonized on the 20th of August, 1083 and therefore the 20th of August is his feast day in Hungary.

This Hungarian public holiday is always celebrated with a half-hour fireworks display on the banks of the Danube in the evening. Watch this year’s spectacular fireworks below. The music was made for this occasion  by Ghymes.


Of mice and left-liberals

Yesterday we could learn from “Reporters without Borders”, a so-called NGO which is similar to Amnesty International and Transparency International, that ” one of Hungary’s last critical media outlets were taken over by Orban allies”. RwB is also a domestic pet of spin doctor George Soros  and yes, Hír TV became pro-government, pro-Orbán on Wednesday after a change of ownership indeed.  So the RwB statement was wailing a lot about Orban’s authoritarian regime which suppresses free media and they  were describing the horrors how liberal media dominatrix Olga Kálmán was fired in an astonishing single day U-turn, etc.   All right, this is no news.  Business as usual.


What perhaps still should make news is that these Champions of Media Freedom and Shining Beacon of Truth have simply failed to mention the following:

Hír TV was established in 2002 when Orbán’s first government lost the elections and his Fidesz party was practically left without any media at all in order to convey their political messages. Responding to Fidesz complaints that the public TV channel became absolutely biased towards the left-liberal government’s agenda, Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy answered: “If you need a TV channel then buy one for yourself”.

Hír TV was much ridiculed and then shunned  by the left-liberals but it become a leading news channel quite soon.  It was undoubtedly pro-Fidesz, pro-Orbán … until “G-Day”, the 6th of February, 2015 when Lajos Simicska, a rich businessman and a former close friend of PM Orbán, the owner of Hír TV, fell out with Orbán and he swore revenge against Orbán.  “I’m going to fire every orbanist!”, he cried on that day … and he did so.  After a series of resignations and firing lots of employees, Hír TV  turned into “free media” from “Orbán’s fascist propaganda tool”  practically overnight.

However Simicska gave up his berserk anti-Orbán campaign after Orbán’s third landslide election this April.  He has shut down the daily Magyar Nemzet, which he had also turned into an anti-Orbán propaganda tool, that is “free media” in left-liberal parlance, from a right-wing conservative newspaper. Now he has sold Hír TV, too, and the old crew and management have been reinstated by the new owners.

So there wasn’t a single word about this side of the story in the statement made by Reporters Without Borders.  Reporters Without Borders should be renamed Rapporteurs Without Borders.

The BBC is a new Pravda

Once upon a time, there was a Communist state party in Hungary which was called Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, that is MSZMP for short in Hungarian.  This party served Hungary’s Soviet occupiers from 1956 until 1989. The Soviet Communist party journal was called “Pravda” in those times.  This means “truth” in Russian.  It went without saying that Pravda was writing about anything but the truth.

MSZMP dropped their M for “munkás” (“worker”) in 1989, so they became democratic, pro-Western, pro-market economy, pro-human rights, progressive tolerant, anti-racist and whatever. This Hungarian Socialist Party was defending democracy from Fascists and Nazis in unison with the even more progressive, even more anti-racist, pro-homosexuality,  etc., so very ‘liberal’ Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), whose long serving party president Gábor Kuncze was a “díszgój” by the very words of these very free democrats. “Gój” (goyim) means “gentile” and “dísz” means “ornament, decoration”. Perhaps “figurehead” is the best translation in this context.  Suffice it to say that accusations of  “anti-Semitism” was their main political weapon of choice.  Shortly after the MSZP-SZSZ block drove the Hungarian economy into the ground in 2008, the Hungarian Socialists replaced their prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány, with a certain Gordon Bajnai.  Mr. Bajnai led the country until 2010 when Fidesz wiped these “progressive forces” out from power in their first landslide election victory.  SZDSZ dissolved itself and left a big public debt behind. Bajnai announced he would quit politics.

He did so… for about three years while he was hiding in the USA and he was being trained by the Soros-Clinton cabal. Then he returned to Hungary and he founded a party called “Együtt Magyarországért” (Together for Hungary).  However the MSZP-SZDSZ remnants got yet another huge beating from the Hungarian electorate in 2014.  Bajnai disappeared again, now apparently for good,  and his party soon started dwindling.  They winded up after their crushing election defeat this year. To cut a long story short,  MSZP ran a certain Gergely Karácsony as their prime minister candidate for the 2018 election  campaign and Karácsony was an outsider from this small party group “Együtt-PM”.   Karácsony was a mayor in a Budapest district. Since mayors cannot be MPs, too, in Hungary, Mr. Karácsony decided to keep his job and he handed  his MP party mandate over to a certain Olivio Kocsis-Cake.  Kocsis-Cake was heralded as “Hungary’s first Black MP” and that was only about the only thing we could hear about him so far.


Olivio Kocsis-Cake holds a sign “I have been working for Uncle Georgie”. (George Soros)

  In fact he still seems to work for him.


Now Mr. Olivio  Kocsis-Cake has made his political debut. He gave an  interview  to BBC a few days ago and he said that

I’m a historian and I haven’t understood so far what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and how Hitler could get full control. … Now I’m getting to understand this. … So there is a fear that the same will happen in Hungary as in the 1930’s in Germay.

The linked BBC video illustrates Kocsis-Cake words with sinister images of the paramilitary group Magyar Gárda … which was founded by Jobbik under the pre-2010 MSZP-SZDSZ government. A selection of short interviews with opposition Jobbik politicians and Jobbik supporters also serve the BBC agenda. As my readers may know, Jobbik became a  de facto ally to Mr. Kocsis-Cake’s political side, that is the MSZP-SZDSZ remnants, in the 2018 election campaign.  Another thing what BBC “forgot” to mention that Magyar Gárda was disbanded almost ten years ago.

The  BBC’s playing the anti-Semite card against Hungary and the Hungarian government has acquired a particularly interesting  perspective now. It was less than two weeks ago when PM Orbán paid a state visit to Israel and Israeli PM Netanjahu was speaking very highly of him and Hungary.

BBC has turned into Pravda in our times.


The liberal cat is out of the bag

The German edition of the liberal Huffington Post has posted an article titled “Repopulate!  Why the German people need to be replaced”

Liberal writer Veit Linden, of German origin, argued that the best way to stop “populism” is to replace the Germans with migrants.

It’s time for a comprehensive change of population.  Black people, brown people, yellow people, whites, Asians and Arabs, Africans,  people from America, from India, people of all faiths – please come to our aid!  Invade us and do it thoroughly!

Here is a Google Translate link for those who don’t speak German.

Nope, this wasn’t a satire. Yes, the liberals do mean the population replacement. Yes, Germany has gone mad yet again.



Jesus approves


Jimmy knows that he would. He surely would. Jimmy knows that Jesus would approve of abortion and  Jimmy probably knows, too, that Jesus would approve of the toilet habits of transgender people and gender non-conforming cisgender people.  And of the fifty-some other so-called genders.  Jimmy knows that Jesus would approve of smoking marijuana. Oh, yes, he knows.

Jimmy has been given a Nobel Prize.  Well, not in physics or biology.   He’s got a Barack Obama-styled  Nobel Prize.

French ambassador fired because of his leaked pro-Orbán note

France’s ambassador to Hungary, Eric Fournier,  analysed the situation in Hungary (link in Hungarian on HVG, a leading left-liberal website)  in a diplomatic note addressed to his government a few days ago.  He was praising Mr. Orbán’s policies and he concluded that the attacks on Prime Minister Orbán are simply abuses by the anti-Hungarian global media. The diplomatic note was leaked by the French website  Mediapart (see link in French) and a journalist asked President Macron on a Friday  press conference what he thought about this. Macron answered (link in Hungarian to HVG) that “I don’t share his opinion in any way and I don’t accept Viktor Orbán’s political line in any way”.


Eric Fournier and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Today Eric Fournier has been dismissed from his post. (link to the official announcement on a French government home page).

Mr. Orbán is a dangerous man … for the globalist elite. 🙂  It’ll be interesting to see what political waves this incident will create in France.

BBC supports illegal migration into Europe

Just watch it. It’s not Hardtalk. It’s hard to believe.

The Loss of Liberty In Canada

Freedom of speech in the West II.

A leftist tree-hugger story

The Orbán government, with the support of Fidesz-led Budapest city council and István Tarlós, Budapest’s Fidesz-nominated  chief mayor, has been rebuilding  “Liget”. As  BBC put it,  this is one of the oldest parks in Europe and I would add that it’s a bit like the Central Park for New York.   Leftist-liberal “environmentalist’ groups have been protesting against this grand project for a long time.   They were chaining themselves to caterpillars and trees in the usual way, etc.  They made good pictures to illustrate all those articles and reports in the global media about “Fascist Hungary”.


A tree which couldn’t be saved even by a left-liberal freedom fighter.

The Liget project was short-listed  in Cannes last year among the “Oscard Awards of property development” in the category “Best Futura Mega Project”.   That didn’t bother these Soros-networked groups, of course.

Today’s news is that the “Liget’s Defenders”, as they called themselves, have abandoned their tents. Having closed the “Open Society Fund” office in Budapest, now I suppose Mr. Soros has pulled the plug on these tree-huggers, too.

To mark this cheerful event, let’s watch this “before and after” video:

Freedom of speech in the West

My (moderately successful) Twitter “career” has ended.

After four years and almost 21 thousand tweets, Twitter   suspended my account last week because I replied to an arrogant  homosexual a couple of months ago (in January!) that “You’re mentally ill. Homosexuality is a mental disorder.” … and then I blocked him/her. According to the Twitter censors, this tweet was considered “hate speech”.

I appealed their decision by pointing out that the American Psychiatric Association (APA)  removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders  in 1973 and the World Health Organization did so only  in 1992.   See, for example, When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder.

Screenshot-2018-4-28 Leto مؤدّب ( politicshungary) Twitter


In fact there are pretty good arguments for that both professional organizations removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses only  for political and not for professional reasons.

Twitter has disregarded my argument and they simply repeated their standard blurb about “hate speech” in their reply.  It goes without saying that I’m not going to delete that tweet.

This is how things go in “the free world” now.

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