The US embassy on Governor Horthy

Greek property agent Eleni Tsakopoulous Kounalakis has departed from  Budapest and we’re looking forward to the arrival of soap opera producer Colleen Bell as the next US ambassador to Hungary. It’s a bit of a letdown though that President Obama didn’t choose country music artist Kellie Pickler instead.   After all  she might have learnt by now that Europe isn’t a country and its capital isn’t Paris, on the other hand Hungary is a country in Europe and her capital is Budapest.   She was the blond woman in this celebrity edition of the quiz show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

In the meantime a certain M. Andre Goodfriend is in charge. Mr. Goodfriend completed his Master’s studies in Communication at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and he has studied Hungarian, Hebrew, French, Russian, classical and modern Greek, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and Yiddish.   Chances are he composed, but he surely authorized, this statement issued by the US embassy today:

The United States strongly condemns the shameful event organized by Jobbik, a Hungarian political party identified with ethnic hatred and anti-Semitism, to unveil a bust honoring Nazi ally Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s leader during World War II, at the entrance to the Hungarian Reformed Church at the edge of Szabadsag ter in Budapest on November 3.  Those who organized and participated in the event, including members of Hungary’s Parliament, promoted not only their own intolerance, but also a dramatically negative image of Hungary.  Although the significant number of counter-demonstrators showed there is strong opposition to the organizers’ views, and members of the Hungarian government have expressed disapproval, an event such as this requires swift, decisive, unequivocal condemnation by Hungary’s highest ranking leaders.

Let’s not dwell on that who identifies Jobbik with what and what they  identify themselves with. I’m not going to argue in favour of Jobbik. They are really not my cup of tea, to say the least.  However…  is  an embassy of a foreign country supposed to throw around pejorative labels for a democratically elected party in their host country?   Is it the job of  an embassy to blatantly lie about  “significant number of counter-demonstrators” when there were at most 200-300 counter-demonstrators and there were 300-500 participants at the statue unveiling?  Is an embassy  supposed to meddle, especially in such a disgustingly partisan way, in an internal political dispute concerning a historic figure of the host country?  Should not the electorate and the citizens of a democratic country decide for themselves in such questions?

I think what this incredibly arrogant statement requires is swift, decisive, unequivocal ignoring by Hungary’s highest ranking leaders.   In fact what  comes to mind is “Up yours, Uncle Sam!”

As far as the person of  His Serene Highness Miklós Horthy,  Regent of Hungary, is concerned, M. Andre Goodfried should better study history as well, besides  Hebrew,  Yiddish, etc. and communication at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem:

Hungary’s “relatively mild” anti-Jewish Laws, which were passed under German pressure, appeased the Nazis enough to create a relatively safe environment for the Jews before the 1944 German invasion- It seems certain that the survival of 124,000 Hungarian Jews in Budapest until the arrival of the Soviets would have been impossible without Horthy’s years of foot-dragging reluctance to implement German orders. On 15 July 1944 Anne McCormick, a foreign correspondent for The New York Times wrote in defense of Hungary as the last refuge of Jews in Europe, declaring that “as long as they exercised any authority in their own house, the Hungarians tried to protect the Jews.

Demonizing  Governor Horthy is a “left liberal” agenda.  The counter-demonstration was organized by them, for example ex-Socialist prime minister Bajnai’s Együtt-PM party activists were also among of the small , noisy group of counter-demonstrators.   Now it’s even less surprising that the Big Brother style spying  on “allies” by the US secret service NSA is also exploited for gaining political influence.  And in Hungary’s case, it’s  used for the benefit of the  Hungarian “left liberal” lackeys of the USA.

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  1. Who the hell is the US to tell Hungary how to evaluate its internal event?
    Do I go into the home of my neighbour and tell him how to properly vacuum clean, or iron his suit?
    What is this relentless Jewish American preoccupation with Hungary?


    • Angela Bogaczy

       /  14/11/2013

      Now … Istvan Lovas has taken your position more forcefully, and much more appropriately broadly. Amerikai Nepszava obliged by publishing his ‘my cup overflows’ style of email in full: .

      And Lovas Pisti (great guy; has always been) is Jewish. You can send your felicitations to him here:


      • I was hoping that you make the link between another article that claims that in the US Hungary is only in the news about rising antisemitism.

        I don’t care if Lovas is a Jew, he certainly is more Hungarian than those US based restless souls at American Nepszava.

        In fact I consider him as much Hungarian as anyone else.
        I am talking about the industry that is out there going after Hungary relentless, trying to be a victim without a crime committed.

        This is my issue here.
        Besides that what the hell is the US embassy being a dummy on strings for this clowns…


      • Angela Bogaczy

         /  15/11/2013

        Point well made and well taken, Hungarian.


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  11/11/2013

    It beggars belief that one sovereign nation will tell another how to estimate its historic figures. I doubt that we have ever before seen such a primitive gesture in the international community of nations. Fortunately, most Hungarian parliamentarians are, at least so far, behaving as if it has not happened, as would civilised people in any context when some unfortunate accidentally breaks wind.


  3. ZriniIlona

     /  09/11/2013

    The US are a great big joke. There are many decent, sensible people living in the states of course, but sadly, they are in the minority. And not very well presented in politics



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