It’s all right for such black beauties to be apolitical.

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  1. Carol Thorne

     /  06/12/2015

    My Katie Cat, also black and white, used to bring in underwear, too, but thankfully only my own – which she used to leap for and swipe from my clothes line !

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  2. Southerner

     /  09/11/2013

    Like this splendid example of its species, You leto make a stand in solitary and strength with independent thought married to traditions and history, without need of friend. We who love to look with longing to the past understand that in some ways we are jousting windmills, respect a man who courageously plants his feet and meets its foes in thought word and deed. In that way if none other, you are a gift to those who agree or despise you. I for one admit I am severely disadvantaged as a spoiled American, but I tip my hat even though I do disagree with you on matters relating to race struggles you seem to defend. Of course I am an American from the South,our history along those lines are pretty sketchy. If agreeing with you is a requirement for collegiality then we would have none. If as I suspect it is not then I look forward to enjoy your.Blog. By the way, Nice Cat


  3. Justasking

     /  09/11/2013

    Great picture !



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