Origo: What are you going to do in a year? Are you going to be a prime minister, or minister or a faction leader?

Gordon Bajnai: I’m going to be a prime minister.

MSZP-affiliated Origo asked ex-Socialist prime minister Bajnai about his plans.  Bajnai leads the postcommunist-neoliberal party Együtt 2014 which may not even jump over the five percent parliamentary threshold next year:

by Median

by Median

This is almost so funny as when Bajnai said Hungarian workers would earn approximately as much as German workers do from 2015 provided he’d be the prime minister.

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  1. What a pitiful sad liar.
    Does he think that anybody buys this crap?


    • There are always ones who do… Bajnai’s ambition to be the prime minister next year is still simply hilarious, especially knowing what the strongest opposition party (MSZP, that is the so-called Socialists) says: the strongest party should nominate the prime minister.

      Regarding the video, which unfortunately doesn’t have English subtitles, the telling thing is how Henrik Havas, a “left liberal” anchor, quickly diverted by asking a bogus question… (“What do you think about the catastrophic state of the Hungarian health care?”). 😀


      • With barely 5% of support as an ex-PM, he should apologize for his poor approval rate, and do not even consider being a PM again!
        Do Jews have a sense of reality beside their drive to be in power by all means?



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