Orbanization of Europe and “the Hungarian disease”

There is a danger that this Orbanization of the pension system policies may spread all over Europe if not counteracted.

A bit of  globalist-neoliberal rage…  about the spreading “Hungarian disease”…. 😀

BTW, Forbes forgot about Russia  where it seems the Hungarian path is going to be followed, too.

Some further “symptoms  of the Hungarian disease”, as Forbes put it, shown by UK Chancellor George Osborne who appears to take the word right out of Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s mouth sometimes:

  • “No more ‘something for nothing’, says Osborne on workfare scheme:  The UK is to launch a workfare scheme that will require the long-term unemployed to do community service in return for benefits.”

Not to mention the latest craze by Fidesz or Orbán, that is the  “utility bill cuts”:

Did I miss some other signs for the Orbanization of Europe perhaps?

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  1. Angela Bogaczy

     /  22/11/2013

    The ‘Hungarian disease’ indeed! Just how often have we heard of the assets of private pension schemes disappearing into the black hole of a fraudster’s shenanigans? Think of Icelandic in the UK. That scheme was not only emptied of funds that the sponsoring employers clearly considered their own slush funds, but it was in debt to the tune of £2 million. We are still to hear whether the contributors to this pension scheme will be getting back what they put in. True, the High Court found against the sponsoring employers:


    But will those employers be paying back their debt to the pension scheme? We are yet to see. Too bad for those who have been trying to draw their pensions since 2008. The quicker the Hungarian disease takes hold the better. (Forbes is reduced to whining that the EU and IMF have done nothing to stop the spread of the disease. hehehe. It is impossible to take Forbes seriously when it condemns state control of pension funds.)


  1. Hungary punches above her weight | Politics in Hungary

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