Massive upside surprise at GDP growth

  • News from a few days ago: “The market expects the country’s GDP up by 0.8% year on year in July-September, following an 0.5% increase in Q2”
  • Today’s news about the published statistical data: “The wda yr/yr growth came in at 1.7%. The consensus estimate was for a 0.8% annual growth , but an upside surprise was on the cards too since many analysts were forecasting GDP to have risen by more than 1% in Q3.”

Socialist-left liberal  explanations:

  1. KSH (Hungarian Office for Statistics) cheats
  2. the basis of comparison was very poor
  3. surrounding countries do better
  4. the GDP growth had huge costs
  5. anti-Semitism is on the rise

Can you think of another one?


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  1. Yes, the base was very low.



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