Hungary’s war on the homeless

All homeless in Budapest will be offered shelter during the winter “crisis period”, with up to ten thousand places set up in the Hungexpo fairgrounds… (Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlós, Fidesz)

…. the number of homeless shelters increased by 1,000 since 2010 (when Fidesz won the elections), a health centre has been set up and there has been a yearly decrease in the number of deaths caused by freezing.  More crisis points will be opened, convalescence facilities will be opened and special ambulance cars will be put in service. Resources of some 80 million Forints (270 thousands Euros) has been allocated through the Interior Ministry.

According to Hungarian Maltese Charity deputy chair Miklós Vécsei, about 9,000 homeless live in Budapest.


This is called “war on the homeless” in “left liberal”  human rights  parlance.
It reminds me of the US war against the Iraqi oil fields which was called “war on terror”.

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  1. Everyone has the right to be homeless.
    However I do have the right as well not to smell stench when passing through a public area.

    Has the left got the message?



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