Both MSZP spin-offs measured below threshold

Both MSZP spin-offs measured below threshold

Smashing news! 😀 Neither ex-Socialist PM Bajnai’s party or ex-Socialist PM Gyurcsány’s party would make it into the Hungarian Parliament according to the latest poll data by left wing pollster Szonda Ipsos.

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  1. Angela Bogaczy

     /  19/11/2013

    But remember the Gyongyospata nonsense they tried to bring off by ‘evacuating’ Gipsy children and mothers for Easter, courtesy the LMP benefactor, the very shadowy Richard Field? That was clearly meant for foreign-media consumption. Andras Schiffer was a big player in that one. He makes my face creep, and I don’t trust his ’empathy’.

    • Yes, I certainly remember it. No doubt that was a very nasty anti-Hungary PR move. However since then that mysterious Richard Field (which three letter acronym did he belong to?) has disappeared from Hungary and the Karácsony group has joined Bajnai’s party. Your distrust of Schiffer makes sense but it also makes sense to watch the political developments.

  2. Who are those 26% who want the communist back?
    Shame on them!

    • Angela Bogaczy

       /  19/11/2013

      I’d love to know the answer to your question about the 26%. Did as many as this benefit from the MSZP-SZDSZ mafia’s reign, and they want the old-gravy train back? Certainly, that mafia did not make the least effort to endear itself to the underprivileged, so it cannot be the latter that is feeding MSZP. Or is the fascists/nazis blaa working convincingly on so many people? (One good thing is that LMP comes in so nicely low.)

      • I disagree about LMP. They cannot be called “new SZDSZ” since about when Karácsony’s group went to Bajnai’s Együtt party. LMP supported the Szekler’s March, for example, and generally speaking they show empathy in such questions. So I’d really want to see Bajnai’s and Gyurcsány’s parties disappear. Besides MSZP, of course.


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