Horthy statue on Gellért square

I’m really not a fan of Jobbik and I’m even less supportive of their idiotic “Hungarian Guard” kindergarten but I do support their demand to erect a proper equestrian statue of His Serene Highness Miklós Horthy, Regent of Hungary on St. Gellért square.   That’s probably the best place indeed to pay tribute to this great Hungarian statesman.  Here is where he delivered his famous speech:

The nation of the Hungarians loved and admired Budapest, which became its polluter in the last years. Here, on the banks of the Danube, I arraign her. This city has disowned her thousand years of tradition, she has dragged the Holy Crown and the national colours in the dust, she has clothed herself in red rags. The finest of the nation she threw into dungeons or drove into exile. She laid in ruin our property and wasted our wealth. Yet the nearer we approached to this city, the more rapidly did the ice in our hearts melt. We are now ready to forgive her.

Commemorating Admiral Horthy’s march into Budapest

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  1. Great video.
    Here’s an even better one: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7DcIg2I6w3Y


  2. szebbjovot

     /  16/01/2014

    To get a glimpse into the life during the Horthy Era, visit:

    Excellent Photographs of Hungarian Army (in colour)

    For more (colour and b&w) photos of the Hungarian Army during WW2:

    To find Hungarian dead relatives from the World Wars:

    Old pictures from Hungary:

    (this one is great

    Sorry for off topic post, but I thought I will share. If anyone knows more, please let me know.


  3. The communist barbarians still maintain a strong grasp on the true Hungarian history.
    Enough is enough!


  4. Angela Bogaczy

     /  18/11/2013

    Superb, Leto! And thanks for the marvellous video. Yes, Horthy is in the rank of Hungary’s greatest statesmen of all times: he saved the nation in the hour of its severest peril. It is particularly pressing today that the nation thank him for this. No matter where one looks at the present time in the mainstream media, one gets a face-full of insulting, demeaning assessments of him: anti-semite, white terror, etc. Hungarians must not overlook this. An equestrian statue in Heroes’ Square (Gellért Square is OK, but a compromise) will make clear that we do not.

    ‘idiotic “Hungarian Guard” kindergarten’: Are you talking of the people who rush to help in disaster zones the moment they form, and routinely celebrate Hungarian-ness and Christianity? Come now.


    • No, I don’t think St. Gellért square is a compromise for the statue. Like I pointed out, that square has relevance to his person.

      ‘idiotic “Hungarian Guard” kindergarten’: Are you talking of the people

      Yup. They are the clowns of Jobbik.


      • Angela Bogaczy

         /  18/11/2013

        Standing corrected on the St Gellért Square point — but only on that. 🙂



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