Viktor in Japan

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, delivering a speech today in Kaposvár: “Hungary needs more births than deaths”

Viktor has travelled to Japan this evening.  He’s going to hold a lecture at the (private) Josai University with the title “Hungary and Europe in a changing world”.   It sounds like the lecture will have a geopolitical aspect, something like what Stratfor praised him for when he delivered this lecture in London recently.

Besides he’s going to open a Hungarian culture and tourism centre in Tokyo, he’ll deliver a speech at an event of the Hungarian-Japanese Business Forum, he’s going to meet Japanese businessmen  and he’s going to have official talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

What surprises me is that he is also going to meet  Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. I thought the Japanese Emperor usually meets only other heads of states…

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  1. Good job Viki!


  2. Anonymous

     /  21/11/2013

    Lecture “Hungary and Europe in a changing world” ? It reminds me of expression – speeches of communists during socialism. Many politicians use ‘hardcore names” of their speeches and while only express their opinion – private opinion only often.
    More useful will lecture about Tax fraudal scandal in Hungary.


    • Angela Bogaczy

       /  22/11/2013

      Eh? ‘Tax fraudal scandal in Hungary’? Is this a joke, or some abstruse fantasy?



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