Hungarian Eurocrat vs British Prime Minister

The Hungarian EU European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor caused quite an uproar in British political circles with his attack on  Britain’s plans to curb benefits for migrants.   Andor, nominated by the previous Socialist-Liberal government,  was dubbed “the most  left-wing commissioner”, yet a British Labour MP called him “a fascist party member” and he said  Andor “called for the expulsion of Hungarian gypsies from a country where paramilitary groups have been attacking Roma in their villages and where hundreds of Hungarian Jews have fled to Vienna because of fears for their safety”.   Nice friendly fire indeed… 🙂  Yeah, the Brits have good reasons to fear an influx of unskilled Romanian and Bulgarian Gypsies from January. In case they didn’t know, Hungarian Gypsies have had the opportunity to move to Britain since 2004.  So what’s the leftist answer to this not quite politically correct issue? To accuse Hungary, governed by a centre-of-right government, of fascism, racism and what have you, of course!

Then the right-wing tabloid Daily Mail published a brutally anti-Hungarian article, full of similarly vicious lies, titled “Hungary is anti-semitic and vile to the Roma. Don’t dare lecture us, Mr Commissioner”.   British Prime Minister Cameron called EC Chairman Barroso to make a complaint about Andor and he also tweeted his anger:

Cameron tweet

Well, as someone from Central Europe, a right-winger who is proud to be a Hungarian nationalist and  who worked for a year in Italy after Hungary’s joining the EU in 2004 and then who spent five  great years in the UK as a higher-rate taxpayer and who is now back in Hungary to do the same job for a lot less money,  I must say  I support the right of countries, including Britain’s, to filter  benefit fraudsters,  beggars, criminals and similar anti-social elements out from those who want to live there.   I also support restricting entry to the labour market  of a country if the chosen representatives of the country think so.
In other words I support British PM Cameron as opposed to  Hungarian Eurocrat László Andor.  At the same time I strongly reject the  nasty anti-Hungarian garbage the Daily Mail or that British Labour MP, and probably some more Brits, have been coming up with  in this spat.  Shame on them.

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  1. Brian Best

     /  02/12/2013

    The “Daily Mail” is as much the voice of Britain as László Andor speaks for Hungary. The problem is the UK is overcrowded and has had an over generous welcome package for immigrants.


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  30/11/2013

    By golly where are István Lovas or Zsolt Bayer or Tommy Deutsch when we need them? The MSZP-SZDSZ git Ándor did no more than mutter that Britain might become known as the ‘nasty country’ if it were to withhold benefits from EU-country immigrants. Was that really enough to set off the that stupid, lying, vicious, scurrilous attack on Hungary in the Daily Mail by Michael Burleigh? The execrable Burleigh has at his fingertips every lying smear that the international mafia of MSZP-SZDSZ supporters ever threw at Hungary. He clearly does not know Hungary. So who primed him on what that mafia has already spewed? Ándor himself, perhaps? (Burleigh is not stupid enough to believe that EU Commissioners speak for the countries to which they owe their appointment. So why is he pretending that Ándor is the voice of Hungary?)

    I wonder what would happen if a major Hungarian newspaper were to describe Britain in Burleigh’s tones. Would there be a government-level protest? Nothing has come from the Hungarian end. But then, that’s just as well. Why dignify the git Burleigh with attention?



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