Same-sex “marriage”

Yesterday a large majority of Croatians, 65%,  voted in a referendum to ban the so-called “gay marriage”  and the result means that Croatia’s constitution will be amended accordingly. The left-liberal  Croatian prime minister commented on the outcome of the referendum  in a rather odd way (well, in a truly leftlib way): “this is the last referendum that gives a chance to the majority to strip a minority of its rights.”  It’s really revealing how the so-called “left liberals” think  about democracy, isn’t it?

Why is this news relevant on this blog?  Because Croatia will join Hungary among those European countries whose constitutions define marriage “as a union between a man and a woman”.  Well done, Croatia!    BTW, I highly doubt Croatia will be attacked because of this so much as Hungary was when the new Constitution in 2011 put things right regarding what marriage is meant to be.

Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Ukraine ban same-sex “marriage”  in their constitutions, while Albania, Armenia, Azeribaijan, Bosnia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Gibraltar, Greece, Gurnsey, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco,  Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Turkey and Vatican don’t recognize any legal form for same-sex relationships but they don’t have constitutional bans.  Hungary recognizes a kind of legal form,  which is not “marriage”,  similarly to  Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In contrast, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden legally recognize the so-called “same-sex marriage”. England  and Wales will join this absolutely backwards social trend in 2014.

I’m glad that, unlike Western, Southern and  Northern Europe, at least Central and Eastern Europe  stands firmly in the way of social decadence and decay by calling a spade a spade.  But, as the list above shows, the war isn’t lost in Western and Northern Europe either. Though possibly only  Muslims becoming a majority will restore normality in this question  in these countries. 😦

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  1. ZriniIlona

     /  03/12/2013

    Marriage is defined by the bible as union of a man and a woman, for good reasons. Now I’m not judging what adult people do in the privacy of their bedroom, as long as no one gets hurt. However, the real delicacy is the question of children. As somebody who works with families every day (including gay couples and trans- sexuals) I had to witness over and over the harm children suffer when one parent turns gay. Little boys for example often firmly believe that they will turn into women when they grow up, when their father is transsexual. I don’t really mind what they call their partnership, but marriage is wrong, because it includes the right to adopt children. And no child should ever be adopted into a potentially harmful relationship!


    • Angela Bogaczy

       /  04/12/2013

      Thanks, ZriniIlona. Your authoritative observation is very valuable in this context.


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  03/12/2013

    ‘It’s revealing how the so-called “left liberals” think about democracy, isn’t it?’

    Sure is! In that thinking, the majority (ipso facto venal) must be disciplined by the minority (ipso facto good, and the smaller in number the and more deviant the better). I’m inclined to bye-bye democracy, Janice Joplin style.

    Just as revealing is their extraordinarily fluid concept of ‘rights’. I cannot work out why homosexuals insist on ousting, on a ‘rights’ platform, the established meaning of ‘marriage’ with the same-sex proposition that parodies it. Possibly, they have collapsed ‘rites’ and ‘rights’. Or, in the vein of noblesse oblige, their mantra is ‘deviance overrides’. Or whatever. But how very sick.


    • “I cannot work out why homosexuals insist on … the established meaning of ‘marriage’”

      Words are powerful weapons… They think (re)defining words is the best and easiest way to push their agenda.



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