Life in a fascist dictatorship

There has been a lot of talk about Hungary’s prolonged shift towards authoritarian rule by Prime Minister Orbán, Hungary’s fledgling dictatorial regime, Hungarian fascist paratroopers roaming the streets  while intimidating Jews and Gypsies, etc.  A recent masterpiece  documentary by the Swedish public TV channel sums the grim situation up well.  (Its broadcasting was carefully timed on the 23rd of October, a Hungarian national holiday, which is the anniversary of the Hungarian anti-Communist revolution and freedom fighting of 1956 .)   It’s really well worth watching   this gem just a bit.  I don’t speak Swedish and, I guess most of my readers don’t either, but  it’s definitely fun to try to count the words “anti-Semitism”, “Fascists” and “Fascism”… though only if you’re good at big numbers.

However if this doesn’t entertain you enough  then I suggest you should watch this video instead:

Or perhaps read about that how “unprecedented hard work and never before seen government support is proving the skeptics wrong“.  In case you want to check out yourself if the Swedish public TV programme or the Japanese American blogger’s video is closer to truth, please do learn eleven things to know before visiting Hungary.  Maybe they only forgot to list the 12th item though: you need a swastika tattooed on your forehead in order to survive Hungary.

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  1. ivasallay

     /  08/12/2013

    There are skinheads who live in my state here in the United States, but I have never personally met one. Sweden could do a documentary on them, too. Hungary is the most fabulous place I have ever visited. I can’t wait until I can go there again. By the way, I LOVED the Japanese video about Budapest. Thanks for the post!


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  07/12/2013

    Hungary was never fascist nor communist: both systems were imposed upon her by foreign armed force. With the failure of the communist flagship country, Hungary discarded that system with enormous relief, delighting in being Hungarian again. The contemporary post-communist mafiosi are quite another matter. But most of them live outside the country, and the internal ones are gradually being ousted from public life. There is no chance of either system ‘happening again’, for lack of the armed force necessary for imposing it.


  3. Fascism is a cannibalistic animal. When it is done destroying its’ real or imagined enemies, it will invariably turn inwards, imploding. It has happened, and it will definitely happen again.



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