The roaring mouse What election result do you expect for MSZP next year?
Mesterházy: We’re going to win the elections. Percentage-wise?
Mesterházy: That’s difficult to tell but I wouldn’t rule out we would win a two-third majority.

MSZP president Mesterházy said in an interview he gave to the Austrian liberal newspaper Der Standard.

As a reality check, the left-wing pollster, often linked to MSZP,  Szonda Ipsos measured these voter preferences last time:

Party preferences among decided voters who promise to vote

Party preferences among decided voters who promise to vote

Well, that shows that if anybody then it’s Fidesz which might have a chance for another two-third supermajority. I agree that’s quite unlikely though.

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  1. Actually I know for fact that he is.
    Though even if he wasn’t, he sure is doing a great job trying to make Hungary look like a fascist country and make it denie it’s cultural giants.


    • Angela Bogazcy

       /  06/04/2014

      This vilainising of our historical heroes and great writers has to stop. Do you (or do you, Leto) know whether Wass and Nyiro are still on the school curriculum? And what about Cecile Tormay? This quite stupid neo-Marxist approach to literary evaluation (which is nothing more than that if you don’t like what a writer says, that writer has no literary merit) simply must not be accommodated.

      This might be a bit irrelevant, but I thought of it and I have to say it: In 1923, Hungary’s Public Prosecutor ordered Luzsensky’s Hungarian translation of the Talmud to be seized because of its attack on public morals and pornographic passages. Some non-Hungarian groups (one is Bible Believers) still protest the blasphemous insults to Christianity in the Talmud (any translation). Hmmm … is the Luzsensky translation in use in Hungary? And has the 1923 order been repealed … ? We could/should do tit-for-tat. Or ignore the ‘tit’ bit totally by leaving our great writers on the curriculum? (The latter, please.)


  2. Wow.. Jewish confidence…
    My hats of “Hungarian” left;)



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