Female opposition condemns Fidesz sexism

Six, that is six women are among the 106 Fidesz MP candidates. Half of the list should consist of women if we wanted to maintain the current shameful proportion, 9%, of women. Besides Fidesz would hardly run any women on their party lists either. This is how we are going to go below our own negative record in Europe. It’s an unforgivable shame (on them).

fumed  Katalin Ertsey, a leftist independent opposition MP who left the small left-wing opposition party LMP (“Politics Can Be Different”) after LMP declined to join ex-Socialist PM Bajnai’s Együtt 2014.  Her two female comrades, already in Bajnai’s opposition party, also shed a lot of tears how few women would be in the next parliament because of the sexist ruling party Fidesz.

Katalin Ertsey

Using their logic, I think the list should also reflect the age distribution and the income distribution of the whole population. But certainly only after the distribution for sexual orientation, ethnicity and religious affiliations would be taken into account. Then certainly  the list must also represent the hair and eye colour, plus the height and weight distributions of the electorate, of course. Adjusting for the IQ score distribution, or political skills, is a low priority. Maybe, for the sake of political correctness, the latter thing shouldn’t be done at all.

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  1. I will never vote for a party based on how different sexes are represented in its make up.
    I will always vote for a party that shares my values the most.

  2. Zoli

     /  17/12/2013

    Leto, when they are right, they are right. Fidesz should do more on this issue. You cannot have an all male party, because it is healthy to have different viewpoints. It is not smart either, because it will alienate female voters. Sometimes it is good to take criticism and learn from it, rather than dig in out of ideological partizan feelings

    • Zoli, as you could also see my reply to “Anonymous”, I criticized really two things here: First, IMHO the ability to do a job, let it be a Member of Parliament or a school headmaster, should be the top priority. Pushing someone only because she is a woman, she’s got the right colour of skin or the right whatever is plain wrong and counterproductive. All other things being equal, it’s all fine to chose someone because they are female. Second, it’s not a tiny leftlib company who is supposed to prescribe to Fidesz, a big-big center-of-right party who they should run as their MP candidates. Ms. Ertsey and co. should mind the business of their own party. Or of the many parties of the so-called “democratic opposition”.

  3. szebbjovot

     /  15/12/2013

    One simply needs to look at Hungary’s history, to realize that in Hungary, politics is traditionally a male thing, even when you compare Hungarys history to that of other countries.

    I think a large part of this is to do with the fact that Hungarian society is.. well Hungarian 😀
    Another factor is the very ugly nature of our politics, that more gentler people dont have the stomach for it. The “lets all play nice and be respectful to each other” argument does not work whem your neigbours are Romanians and opposition is MSzP

    By the way Leto, I wonder if there exist statistics about gender among politicians in the Horthy era?

    • Well, I guess you could dig up nearly everything on the Internet these days. I doubt there were many female politicians. However two MPs, Anna Kéthly, a Social Democrat and Margit Schlata, a Christian social activist surely come to mind from the Horthy-era:

      • Angela Bogaczy

         /  16/12/2013

        In the same period, Nancy Astor was the only woman in British Parliament, also the first woman ever to take a seat there. So would you say British society was more Hungarian than Hungarian society, szebbjovot? 🙂

    • ZriniIlona

       /  21/12/2013

      I don’t understand the whole gender issue anyway. I disagree that women are all “lets all play nice and be respectful to each other”. I think Margret Thatcher would have easily out- matched Orbán in regards of unpopular but neccessary political decsion making.

  4. Anonymous

     /  15/12/2013

    Oink Oink Oink (not meow) – you need more than a tie, maybe a whole new wardrobe with piggies on them 🙂

    “provided they are suitable for politics???? ” Really? Oink – We have Rob Ford and he is a male… the point is that no one would ever write or think that Rob Ford is a moron because he is a “male ” – the gender issue never comes up yet when there is an incompetent female politician, you can bet her gender becomes an issue.

    Moreover, I know how you feel about Gyurcsany, Bajnai and “them folks” but have you ever written anything negative about them and blamed their gender?

    I just noticed my posting came up as “Anonymous” and of course I know that in a million years you would never guess my identity. Oink.

    • No, surely I could never guess it.. 🙂 But please always meow (or rather “miaú”!) instead of “oink” (“uíí”)… except in this case: http://veol.hu/data/cikk/151/3984/cikk_1513984/fh311101.jpg

      Well, the gender of, say, Ms. Pelcz, an incompetent Fidesz politician, became an issue for me because she was put into different positions very obviously because of her gender, not because of her political skills…
      And this is where we connect to the post again: political skills, the ability to do the job should be the top priority whom Fidesz runs as their MP candidates, not their gender. I accept that, everything else being equal, a female candidate should be given priority.

  5. Anonymous

     /  14/12/2013

    I am copying a paragraph from a Canadian article outlining why K. Ertsey has a point and btw, your MCP tie (Christmas gift) with little piggies on them is on its way to BP – the way Canada Post is functioning these days, it should arrive by March. 🙂

    “Women focus on different issues

    On a substantive level, studies systematically show that female politicians are more likely to concentrate on issues that matter more to women such as daycare, gender equality, reproductive rights, flex time, elderly care, children’s welfare.1 It seems pretty intuitive that there are some issues that are more important to women and affect them more. It also seems like common sense that women would be more likely to focus on these issues than men. “

    • Oh, I do hope you only misspelt‎ “piggies” for “kitties”… :p

      I know my sarcasm is not entirely fair and possibly I didn’t stress enough either that it should be the business of Fidesz (both female and male) politicians whom they run as MP candidates and not of Ms. Ertsey and her comrades in that tiny leftlib party.
      In other words I encourage women to participate in politics and having more female (Fidesz) MP candidates… provided they are suitable persons for politics. I remember Ms. Pelcz, a career woman with a PhD, a university lecturer, and she was pushed into all sort of positions by Orbán, like Fidesz vice-president or Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, etc. and it was clear enough she was privileged because she was a woman. She was a complete failure as a politician and luckily now she’s been sent to Brussels.

      • Anonymous

         /  15/12/2013

        Ooops – maybe women shouldn’t use computers – I screwed up the “reply button ” and my comment did not appear in sequence 🙂


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