The War on Life

Hungary’s conservative government is planning to enact stricter controls on voluntary sterilization:  only adults with three children of their own or over 40 years of age would be eligible for sterilization as a method of birth control.

According to “Társaság a Szabadságjogokért”, a Hungarian liberal  pressure group,  one’s right to mutilate oneself is a  “basic right” 

In the opinion of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), conditioning the right for sterilization on a certain number of children or on an age threshold violates the right of self-determination and the right of privacy. Furthermore, it rules out the possibility of considering individual circumstances. The conditioning of constitutional rights, including the right for self-determination, on an age minimum higher than the age of majority should always be properly justified. In this case, we believe the justification is unsatisfactory for such abusive intrusion into private lives and family planning decisions.

As it was the case today in the Supreme Court of the UK, I guess  “the right to die”  will be a “human rights problem” (again) in Hungary, too.

These days the main  “human rights issues”  are  the so-called gay marriage,  various kinds of “right of self-determination”  (  “women’s rights over their bodies”, that is abortion  in plain English, or “one’s right to die”, that is  suicide in plain English.   No kidding but some would  put even the efforts of the Hungarian government to get homeless people off the streets as “a breach of right to self-determination”!).  The right-to-get-stoned (“cannabis legalization”) is an evergreen “human rights” issue in  such liberal circles, of course.

There’s a War on Life.

So I should end this post with a video on the visit of a very inspiring pro-Life warrior to Budapest.

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  1. Southerner

     /  21/12/2013

    A very merry Christmas to you also. Thanks to Goggle’s translation capabilities. I have had expats who lived there for more than a decade tell me it is not a language that is acquired casually or with books alone. They did not immerse themselves in the culture, but daily lived in Budapest. They are convinced fluent Hungarian is not possible at the level most second languages are acquired. It’s fine, as a southerner who does business in places where my manner is not customary, it can be an advantage to try honestly but be yourself. Be it ever so pitiful, kind people come to your aid like a kindergartner in school. Teaching a old dog a new trick requires many teachers. I will accept your kind offer, I will also not hold any of the instructors responsible for the limitations dealt them in their pupil. 🙂


  2. Southerner

     /  19/12/2013

    I Did not see the video you posted before I made my comment. I just watched it, speechless and moved by a message of life and love poured out by what many would not value and only see as a broken vessel. We are all broken vessels, but some have found the way to share the rest of the story.
    Paul Harvey story The man and the birds,


  3. Southerner

     /  19/12/2013

    Mr Leto,
    Please do not confuse the left with such annoyances as the facts or their inconsistencies in reason. As the saying goes in my part of my country: please do not try and teach a pig to sing; it only frustrates the teacher and annoy’s the pig.
    Of this I’m certain; any intelligent person with a loved one struck with a sever or debilitating health crisis would want it be in a country where they fight for the life of the weak and defenseless.
    As a Christmas gift to myself, I am working on learning a little (at this point very little) Hungarian. Our worlds lost its respect for basic human rights and its is heading the wrong way pretty fast. Its refreshing to see a country who unashamedly stands for unpopular positions. To the degree a people value and uphold the freedom of the weak and defenseless over the selfish and powerful says all I need to know about that societies compass heading.
    Best of the Season to you and yours, (any Santa Cat pictures?)


    • Oh, I hear Hungarian is a difficult language… (I myself found it easy when I learnt it. :p ) I feel honoured that you want to learn my native tongue, please do feel free to ask if you’re confused about something in Hungarian. Since I’m interested in linguistics, chances are I could actually explain it to you…

      Santa Cat pics? 😀 Great idea, thanks a lot! Will do!

      Boldog karácsonyi ünnepeket kívánok én is! 🙂



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