Crippled free press

So-called “left liberals” are petitioning   in order that the EU countries should apply the most severe sanction (Article VII of the EU Treaty) against Hungary because

Hungary is no longer a democracy. … the situation for women, ethnic minorities and religious groups in Hungary becomes deadlier by the second … along with criminalization of the homeless and attacks on women and the LGBT community, Hungary’s seen a horrific spike in state-sanctioned antisemitism and racism…

Then these  hysterolib, shall I say libnazi, liars  use this picture, showing a huge crowd demonstrating in Kossuth square in front of the Parliament,  to illustrate their petition … which drools about the government’s “crippling the free press:

A huge crowd in the streets of Budapest

At a closer look one can see that the sign in the front says “Nem leszünk gyarmat!” (We won’t be a colony!)… Oh, yes, I took part on that rally with this slogan…  It was freezing cold on  the 22nd of January, 2012 and I marched together with several hundreds of thousands Hungarians… and we were protesting exactly against those who sign this petition, protesting against the hysterical, vile attacks directed at Hungary then and in support of democratically elected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.  This huge crowd gathered so that EU/IMF wouldn’t do to my country what they did  earlier in Italy and Greece when they simply replaced their democratically elected governments with the delegated EU/IMF lackeys.

This petition is a perfect example for that what kind of methods these so-called proponents of free press use.

As opposed to this huge crowd of people supporting the Orbán government, the “champions of free press” could gather only a magnitude smaller crowd on the 2nd of January, 2010 at the height of a very well mediatized international hysteria campaign against Fidesz and PM Orbán. That must be the explanation why these “democrats” (that’s how they always call themselves) try to make their point with a picture of the  much  bigger pro-government rally.

It goes without saying that the “free press”, such as the Washington Post, the BBC, Süddeutsche Zeitung, etc., all tried very hard to increase the importance of the anti-government rally and to make orts of the pro-government one.

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  1. God bless you for your service to Hungary Leto,
    Keep up the good work.
    Thy kingdom of justice and righteousness shall come and prevail!


  2. Southerner

     /  28/12/2013

    Again Leto, you confuse and antagonize those who your government resist submitting too. Using the facts, history or any other reasoned approach is not the way they measure success. A famously tragic American politician (Gary Hart) who found himself on the wrong side of the medias wrath said after they destroyed him: “it is unwise to get into a fight with those who buy ink by the tanker load!”
    It would seem that tolerance in the classic definition, ” I disagree with your position but will defend your right to hold that position with all my might”, is also missing in these stories. This seems to me a new form of media driven “crowd control”. Those who desire to be loved, popular and accepted will bow to the pressure and stay in line. They then pressure those non conformer’s who are embarrassing them to straighten up. But these stories come from the US, UK, Germany and others in an increasing drumbeat and state departments chime in so that the organized pressure is able to accomplish its goal.
    It is curious all of this attention comes when your economy has overwhelmed the skeptics due to your non conforming economic policies. But especially when your leaders required banks to suffer for poor choices, and has asked its high court to make whole those citizens harmed by the windfall profits that threatened a large swath of Hungary’s mortgage holders.
    A very wise old friend explained to me as a young man: people love to be generous to a failure, but envy will hate your success unless it is able control you.
    It is sad that most don’t read enough history to know that Hungarians are not herded well,



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