UKIP on the rise

Immigration is a very hot political topic in the UK now and, having worked in the UK,  I’m also affected somewhat. I’ve had this debate with some Brits on YouGov.   Hopefully my readers will find it interesting and/or entertaining, too. :).   Here is the full thread, I changed only the names of the two posters.

Original Poster:

yes I agree a 2 year ban on benefits should apply. But stopping them from entry would solve the problem with have. If we let the people in they should speak English have at least 5 O levels. Think we should do what the Australians do. This government Steals from the poor and the sick and give to the Immigrants . The Immigrants take are Jobs, Houses, They take from are health services , And money from are country which could be spent on our own people who need it. This government has destroyed million of peoples lives in this country by allowing this Immigration .Wake up you people out there and vote to leave European union when they allow you and vote UKIP. Wayne B.

Leto  مؤدّب

“The Immigrants take are Jobs, Houses”

How about you? Do you speak English at “5 O levels”? :p Does mixing the second person form of the existential verb with the first person plural possessive pronoun require some higher qualification than that? 😉

“They take from are health services ”

The only thing I took from your health services in five years was a few futile visits to the local GPs who couldn’t recognize I had allergy instead of catching cold. Ah, and maybe a few boxes of paracetamol, too.

UKIP advocate

We have all levels of society on here, even immigrants opinion on here without prejudice. Like many today of indigenous groups their education and lives are being destroyed because of our politicians thirst for a top economy and people like yourself filling our jobs, now at 80% going immigrants. Our health service undermined by Labour politicians and immigration is at breaking point. You are taking up a home that is denied to indigenous people and the lower classes will pay dearly through their generations to allow you your right to live and work here. You should thankful that we are stupid enough to give you your life chances at the expense of many indigenous Britons!

Leto مؤدّب

” people like yourself filling our jobs”

Do you think I filled your job or the job of Original Poster while I was in the UK? 🙂

” You are taking up a home that is denied to indigenous people”

When I lived in the UK, I took up homes which the landlady or landlord wouldn’t have denied to “indigenous people” either, provided they also paid the rent on time.

“You should thankful that we are stupid ”

I probably paid more tax than you and Original Poster put together. So you should be thankful to me. I certainly won’t be thankful to you because you are stupid.

UKIP advocate

Whatever your employment it will displace a indigenous Briton from that post just like the house you lived in. So basically you agree on all points you are over here displacing indigenous workers and taking homes. This directly affects this country, what skills you brought denied an indigenous person the training to gain you post. So ‘stupid’ migrants like yourself are seriously damaging indigenous Britons a future in their own country. No doubt your country of origin is receiving aid etc. from Britain and no doubt your education!

Leto مؤدّب

” what skills you brought denied an indigenous person the training to gain you post”

I beg your pardon, you indigenous person? What did I deny from indigenous morons like you by accepting a job in Britain? 😀

FYI I got my training and education in my home country and my country of origin doesn’t receive aid, etc. from Britain. If I made any damage to a country at all by my moving to Britain then it was my home country since I was paying tax in Britain during that time instead of here. However I have fixed that by now and now I’m doing about the very same job here in Hungary for a lot less money than what I was paid in Britain.

UKIP advocate

Cheap insults, by taking a post up in Britain your are denying a indigenous person that post as well as your house, simple, now who is being stupid?
Your name bizarrely linked to a desert mouse by using wiki indicates an Arab link, therefore you have a great deal to thank Britain in your history and education!

Leto مؤدّب

I payed market rate rent, always on time, for the house I lived in and in the meantime the tax I was paying financed indigenous persons on the dole.
It’s you who has a great deal to thank me.

UKIP advocate

If that person on the dole you claim you paid for had the training and decent education to do that job, rather than employing economic migrant. Britain and indigenous groups would be better off and not in the enforced poverty due to economical migrants like you!

Leto مؤدّب

In fact I increased the wealth of Britain by paying a lot of tax instead of indigenous persons on the dole. Anyone who could do my job wouldn’t be on benefits.

UKIP advocate

No doubt some of your earnings were taken with you as you left. But the fact remains if an indigenous person had filled your post. His training and education guaranteed, his wage, not on the dole and would have paid the same tax no doubt, It is better for the country if an indigenous person filled your post whatever you try to mitigate!

Leto مؤدّب

No, I’ve still got some of my savings from my taxed income in the UK (in case I’d want to return) but I certainly took most of it with me. So? What did you mean to say with that?

And the fact remains I was offered the jobs I worked in and not some indigenous person like you. Maybe there was a reason. And the fact remains I’m still being contacted about jobs in the UK even though I’m not looking for a job right now.

UKIP advocate

You are only confirming my point, your job/post should have gone to an indigenous Britain. It far more benefits this country to employ them rather than economic migrants like yourself. Eastern Europeans have entered Britain in such numbers they have destabilised our society for many generations. Lack of training and education of indigenous people is directly linked to economical migration. So like or not you and your fellow migrants are damaging the country to a devastating degree, fact not fiction!

Leto مؤدّب

Why on Earth should have my job gone to “an indigenous Britain”* if my employer thought I could do it better than an “an indigenous Briton”? 😀

In fact the lack of of training and education of “indigenous people” is linked to the fact that a lot of “indigenous” Britons are lazy, ignorant, heavy-drinking bums.

I was paid well above the British average, so I payed a lot of tax, and this way I helped to pay the benefits of these indigenous ones.
So, like it or not, I helped Britain to a substantial degree. That’s a fact, not fiction! 🙂

* I guess you meant “an indigenous Briton

PS: Hungary is in Central Europe, not in Eastern Europe.

UKIP advocate

”In fact the lack of of training and education of “indigenous people” is linked to the fact that a lot of “indigenous” Britons are lazy, ignorant, heavy-drinking bums”. Shows exactly how limited your knowledge of Britain is we have in many of our the industry the highest production levels per individual in the world. Evan car factories in Northern Britain out perform similar workers in Japan.
You deprive an indigenous Briton of a decent job and then choose to insult the very people who paid you during your time here. Your tax paid should have been paid by the individual you replaced.
I don’t get Hungary, must be lost in translation somewhere?

Leto مؤدّب

No, in fact my knowledge of Britain is quite good and that’s exactly why I wrote that there a lot of “indigenous” lazy, ignorant, heavy-drinking bums on the dole in Britain.
I didn’t deprive any “indigenous Briton” of any decent job because if my employers had found an “indigenous Briton” to do the job better than me then they could have employed that “indigenous Briton”.

I really cannot help that you “don’t get Hungary”. I recommend educating yourself a bit.

UKIP advocate

Your subtle attempt at humour I will let pass clearly we will never agree nor are you well read on Britain so this is pointless. The Middle East has its faults and it seems a lot worse than ours!

Leto مؤدّب

Thank you very much but I think I’m quite “well read on Britain” (among others I know British history better than an average British graduate).

I don’t quite understand though what you mean by referring to the Middle East. Like I have said I’m Hungarian and I live in Hungary. For your information Hungary is a Central European country and it’s not in the Middle East which is in Asia.

UKIP advocate

So you are part of the problem that so devastates British Society and I am well versed in European History which was my subject at University. Hungary has nothing to brag about in modern history and has many faults in its own society but I look forward to our next debate, perhaps a more neutral subject rather than being the problem.

Leto مؤدّب

Hungary has a lot to brag about in modern history and I’m certainly not “part of the problem that devastes British Society”. The “indigenous” lazy, ignorant, heavy-drinking British bums on the dole I mentioned are. And your prejudice and xenophobia, too.

UKIP advocate

Now you are just being desperate and offensive!

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  1. Yuri

     /  19/02/2014

    I would imagine that Brits get a bit frustrated after the Labour Party imported half of Africa and the Middle East. The fact that they let it out on white Europeans reveals the depth of their inner disintegration,.

    • Well, yes, I sorta understand them. The so-called ‘multiculturalism’ just sucks big time and it doesn’t work. On the other hand I myself didn’t really experience their frustration in real life when I lived in the UK.

  2. Szebbjovot

     /  10/01/2014

    The biggest problem with Hungarian immigration to Britain(and the rest of the West) is that it is Hungary that gets damaged by this the most, and not the host countries. History shows that Hungarian migrants can be a blessing for the host country (just look at the “Martians” in the United States).

  3. What’s your objection to basic income?

    The UK is stuck in the middle of an overhaul of its benefits system, but the only link I’ve seen made between its problems with immigration and its benefits system has been made by … UKIP!

    “As part of our long-term plan for the economy, we are taking direct action to fix the welfare and immigration systems so we end the ‘something for nothing culture’ and deliver for people who play by the rules.”

    • My objection can be summarized in the common Hungarian proverb (okay, I know it comes from the Bible): “aki nem dolgozik, az ne is egyék” (He who does not work, neither shall he eat).
      Apparently the violation of this principle is what is causing the whoop-de-doo in the UK…

      • What about those who have inherited wealth, so don’t work, but eat very well?

        • Inheritance tax is a good idea.

          • And what about the disabled who aren’t able to do any useful work?

            Or those who win the lottery?
            Or write a bestselling novel?
            Or who are supported by their families?
            Or by charities?
            Or are given pensions, prizes or grants?
            Or Government sinecures?
            Or who are professional gamblers?
            Or who live off their investment income?

            Does everyone have to work for their daily bread?

            • The disabled should be taken care of in a civilized society, of course.
              The ones who win the lottery, besides enjoying their windfall, should still make themselves useful.
              The one who writes a bestselling novel should try to write another one.
              What do you mean more exactly by “the ones supported by their families”?
              What about charities? Or the rest?

              You seem to define “work” in a very narrow, restricted sense… 😀

  4. Its not just the Hungarian way, it seems the norm in most European countries. In the 90s, I knew of a German woman who was living on the British dole, because the British system was more generous than the German one. And this is why this problem is pretty acute in the UK.

    I agree with your point about benefits systems ‘corrupting’ people, but I am actually in favour of Governments providing a minimum personal income for everyone – including those working. Obviously, recent attempts at European ‘integration’ have shown this would be politically impossible given the divergence in European economies.

    • I’ve heard of “basic income”, this new leftist idea ( ) and I deeply disapprove of it.
      To tell the truth, I didn’t even know until about now that I would have been entitled to any kind of benefit in the UK as soon as I went there to work. I find that a crazy thing.
      It seems the UK must either change to “benefits as a result of previous contributions” or it has to leave the EU indeed.

  5. I think the problem many people in the UK attribute to immigrants, and the problem you have with “bums on the dole” have nothing to do with British or Hungarian societies or cultures, and everything to do the British system of universal benefits. I remember how shocked I was discovered that in Hungary – a former communist country – didn’t have universal access to pensions, unemployment and disability benefit or income support, but benefits were the result of previous contributions. Universal benefits make it possible to be a bum on the dole, whether that bum has been ‘British’ for hundreds of years or has just recently arrived.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Well, I think “universal benefits”, as you put it, is something rather corrupting for people’s mentality. I regard the Hungarian way, that is “benefits as a result of previous contributions” as the correct one. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly didn’t mean to bash Britain or the Brits, of course. I kinda love Britain. 🙂


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