The rope of tolerance

Twelve years ago, in 2002, a Fidesz politician (currently the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, László Kövér) held an election forum in some remote, small rural Hungarian town, two months before the election day. As he was speaking, he used a probably too colourful metaphor to express himself: “.. let’s accept for a moment that’s all we are capable of. That we have become an untalented people. Then all I can say, my ladies and gentlemen, it’s not worth living like this. If we do think this way then let’s go to the cellar, let’s find a nice strong manilla rope, a relatively strong timber and a nail and then let’s hang ourselves… However I do ask those who want to make you believe this [that is that you are useless] for years should set an example themselves first… and when they’d be done then we could reconsider if we could do better without them…” For example, here you can also listen to the speech (in Hungarian) So obviously this was meant to be a motivational speech and not as inciting hatred.

The so-called left-wing (MSZP-SZDSZ) created a strong hysteria campaign with the message: “Kövér wants to hang people!”.  László Kovács, the president of MSZP in 2002 (later foreign minister)  and his comrades demonstrated with ropes around their neck, their media juggernaut, intact at the time, was creating a huge whoop-de-doo about that Fidesz would want to hang the “progressive ones”.   MSZP ran TV ads where a small, innocent girl read news about that Fidesz was planning to hang people and  they punched the viewers in the face with “Don’t let it happen!”…  In fact  left wingers still make references to “Kövér’s rope”, using it  as a well-established call, to imply how brutal, “un-European”, uncivil, barbarian, what-have-you the centre-of-right (Fidesz) really is… At the same time they call themselves  “democratic” almost in each sentence they utter, they preach “tolerance” and “European values” around the clock.  Being unable to say substantial things to people, their main political theme is mostly  that they condemn “hate speech, intolerance, extremism, Fascist violence”, what have you…

MSZP held a party congress yesterday  in the capital of Hungary, Budapest (with the participation of ex-Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány who later admitted it was his idea to distort Kövér’s words and to build a hysteria campaign on them).   MSZP president Attila Mesterházy was attacking Fidesz and Prime Minister Orbán in a Fidel Castro-style one and a half hour speech.  When he was saying “Orbán and his friends got so rich in three years, that’s a serious (economic) achievement.  If we are naive and believe this then they should be given a university chair (“katedra”, that is a teaching position) on the University of Economics.”,  someone from the audience cried out loudly: “Kötelet!”  (A hanging rope instead!)

In the limelight, right on the tribune, Mesterházy reacted to the heckler this way:  “I think there won’t be a “katedra”  then,  only that other thing someone has just shouted”

The spokeswoman of MSZP declined to comment on the matter today.  Mesterházy himself has posted only this on his Facebook page so far:  “it’s been a great party congress!”

The so-called Hungarian left-wing deserves this award very much indeed:

My award to MSZP

Update: MSZP has just issued a statement and they say the heckler shouted “börtönt!” in fact (“prison (sentence)!”). That’s very, very obviously a lie because the shouting is clear and the two words (“kötelet” and “börtönt”) don’t even sound similarly.

Update2 (Mon Jan 27 18:00) :  So far the nobody from the so-called “democratic opposition” (that is those leftists/liberals who ruined Hungary between 2002 and 2010) has been willing to comment on the scandal.   The leftliberal media stays low, too. There have been two notable exceptions: a certain Tímea Szabó (an ex-LMP MP who switched over to Bajnai’s party) swears she heard “börtönt!” and “the Fidesz media lies”.   On the other hand the ex-spokesman of MSZP, Zsolt Török, who had to resign two months ago because of his role in a failed black-smearing campaign (involving a fake video they commissioned)   accused Hír TV of faking the video…
It’s hilarious. 😀

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  1. I am going to post here, since my opinion has been banned from the #1 Jewish anti-Hungarian site called ””.

    Hungary is being owned an apology for Trianon and that’s it.
    As a Hungarian I am waiting for that apology!
    Come on UN, you can do it.
    You don’t have to be that useless dummy of the victorious powers of WWII in the 21st century.


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  26/01/2014

    Ah, yes, the upright ‘Left’ and the co-operative press!

    Leto, what do you know about UN Rep. Kőrösi’s apology at the UN, on the behalf of Hungary, for the holocaust? There is no reference to it on the UNGA page, not even among the press releases. So did the Rep. simply voice a private opinion that was overheard by a press ear? It’s strange, too, that there has been no public comment on this apology from the Government.


    • No, an UN ambassador surely cannot say such things as “a private opinion”… It’s Realpolitik… And in my opinion it’s a rather stupid political strategy.


      • Angela Bogaczy

         /  26/01/2014

        Of course you are right in that a UN ambassador cannot express a private opinion — at least not at a formal sitting of the UN. But he no doubt can express a private opinions in private conversation.

        Have a look at this UN page: .

        All that Kőrösi is scheduled to do (at the meeting of 23 January 2004: ‘The 70th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust’) is to ‘provide information on how Hungary is commemorating this important anniversary’. I would have thought that if he were instructed by the Government to deliver an apology on behalf of Hungary, Kőrösi’s performance of that instruction would have been scheduled. Or does one have to assume that Kőrösi was instructed by the Government to apologise after the schedule for this meeting was printed? If one does, the question arises: Why did the PM or the President not alert the Hungarian public to this apology, or at least inform it of it after the event?


        • Angela Bogaczy

           /  27/01/2014

          PS: The President spoke today, pretty sickeningly, but there is no mention of Hungary’s apology at the UN:


          As the Americans say: Go figure.


          • Angela Bogaczy

             /  27/01/2014

            PPS: There was a formal apology from Kőrösi, ‘on behalf of his country and his mission’:


            So much for Fidesz.


            • Angela Bogaczy

               /  02/02/2014

              PPPS (sorry): Something is amiss. I have just re-read the DPI NGO statement, and bulked on this part of it (which I had not read previously):

              One ‘Dr Ritter’ is said to have made the following ridiculous statement:

              ‘It only took the Nazi Security Police 56 days to roundup all of the Jews in Hungary. 437,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz by March 1944.’ (Note particularly the last sentence. I have asked for a clarification of it.)

              In the light of this, it is perfectly possible that the apology attributed to Ambassador Kőrösi is no more than the NGO’s misinterpretation. Adding fuel to the fire of my suspicion is the quite-unbelievable paragraph following the ‘apology’ claim’:

              ‘Ambassador Kőrösi concluded with emphasizing the ways the Hungarian government is now working to combat genocide.’




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