The rightist left-winger right-winger leftists…

Hungarian politics is simply often  absurd, so I could report on quite a few insane things from Hungarian politics…  Today’s surreal news is that Lajos Bokros , who was the Minister of Finance  in the post-communist Socialist-(left)Liberal government of PM Gyula Horn between 1995–1996 and who founded a one-man “right wing” party called Movement for a Modern Hungary ,  wants to join the post-communist  leftist Összefogás (“Unity”) party list of the Socialist Party (MSZP), the splinters from MSZP (ex-Socialist Gyurcsány‘s party and ex-Socialist Bajnai’s party, etc.) and the remnants of SZDSZ (an extreme left-liberal party which the Hungarian voters sent to its well-deserved political grave in 2010).

Bokros has been campaigning like this:

Have you had enough but you are not a leftist? Yes, it’s possible!
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  1. Angela Bogaczy

     /  27/02/2014

    Bokros’s fat head been pasted onto someone else’s slim body. But that’s the least of it. Thanks, Leto. Hyper-surreal.


  2. Thank you for your conservative blog. Insightful and informative.



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