In full flight

The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet daily  reported  on Tuesday that Gabor Simon, the deputy chairman of the opposition Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)   had placed 575,000 euros and 162,954 US dollars in a securities account opened in Austria in 2009 and his deposit account held 770,000 euros (240 million Hungarian Forints) last October.   Simon’s earlier asset declarations as an MP did not contain these amounts, that is he forged the submitted documents, and the origin of the money is unknown. Simon  was suspended from the party on the same day and MSZP has been refusing to answer questions about the case  since then. (Though Simon promised on Wednesday in a short message that he would  “give a detailed briefing on Thursday”) Hungary’s chief prosecutor asked the Hungarian parliament to suspend Simon’s immunity rights on Wednesday so that he could face criminal charges of tax fraud and document forgery.  It was reported that a criminal investigation was initially launched out of official duty last November, without anyone named as a suspect,  when they received information  from the Austrian financial markets watchdog which sent data to the Hungarian tax authorities concerning suspicion about money-laundering.

Let’s see how the Socialist Party’s campaign chief, Zsolt Molnar responded when  he was asked by journalists on a conference  organized by a left wing think-tank whether the dirty money found in Simon’s Austrian bank account had anything to do with MSZP:

The Socialist Party campaign chief’s response to the journalists’ questions

Another Socialist politician (Zsolt Török, the ex-spokesman of MSZP, who had to resign because of a fake video MSZP tried to smear Fidesz with in a by-election held in the town of Baja a few months ago) said only this: “one has to investigate Fidesz politicians, too”

This says it all, doesn’t it? 😀

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