The Reding strategy

MSZP chairman Attila Mesterházy paid a visit to the USA last week. He held a non-public talk in the Center for Strategic and International Studies  (a think-tank of the Democrat Party) and, according to Magyar Nemzet, he stated that he didn’t think the presence of international observers on the upcoming elections would be useful and he personally would not want call for it. He said he thinks the international observers wouldn’t give a real guarantee (for Hungary’s holding free and fair elections) but they would legitimize the election results. He added  this is not an official viewpoint of their “Összefogás” coalition now and ex-Socialist Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai disagrees.

Mesterházy in Washington

Charles Gati, an American professor of Hungarian descent, who belongs to the circles of Hillary Clinton, an ex-councillor to the Department of Foreign Affairs,  also sat among the audience of Mesterházy’s talk.  Gati said earlier that  “there are methods for getting rid of the Orbán government  – in a democratic way if possible and in another way if that’s not possible ” . Later he elaborated that, besides the IMF-weapon,  civil war is also an option. (See, for example, the same article)    Does “Ukraine”, with its shale gas luring western companies, ring a bell?

According to an unnamed Italian EU official, EU Commissioner Viviane Reding said  in the secretive Bilderberg-meeting last June that she would do everything to question the legitimacy of the 2014 elections in Hungary and she had held meetings about this with representatives of Hungarian organizations which receive most of their financial resources from the USA.

Mesterházy’s talk in the Center for Strategic and International Studies is the umpteenth sign of  the Reding strategy  being realized.

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  1. Miet Smet

     /  08/03/2014

    This article is pure nonsense. Viviane Reding is also a member of EPP, just as Viktor Orban. The EPP never developed a strategy to oust Orban. It’s not very ethical to make statements about secretive meetings and statements without any proof.


    • It’s not EPP-strategy, it’s Reding-strategy. The same source indicated already in April that Reding would participate at the Bilderberg meeting and then Reding’s office vehemently denied this.
      Bajnai and his comrades have been trying to implement the strategy since Reding outlined it last June.


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  08/02/2014

    Wow, Leto! This is razor-sharp insight, convincingly documented. Thanks, very sincerely.



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