When the sum of parts is more than the whole

One of the major political events in Hungarian politics in January was the formation of the “Összefogás” coalition which is a joint list of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and two newly formed “left liberal” parties…  founded by two ex-Socialist prime ministers (Gordon Bajnai and Ferenc Gyurcsány), plus some Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) leftovers like Gábor Fodor.

According to Tárki, a major Hungarian polling company, MSZP stood at 23 percents among the decided voters in January and both Bajnai’s Együtt-2014-PM party and Gyurcsány’s Demokratikus Koalíció were at 6 percents last month.  That’s 23+6+6=35 percents.

In contrast, the joint list of these three parties turned out to have 27 percent support in February.  Incidentally the 49 percent support for Fidesz has remained unchanged among decided voters, support for Jobbik increased to  19 percents from 14 and  LMP  (“Politics Can Be Different“) has also increased their voter support from 2 percent to 6.

They don't deserve another chance!

They don’t deserve another chance!

This news has made my day. Keep up the good work, please, and add some more splinter parties to the grand coalition!

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  1. Hungarians don’t vote for MszP because of a number of corruption cases. But Fidesz is corrupt to the core, and while Orban and his clique rape the country, the Hungarian people cheer him on and ask for more. I don’t, understand the logic. I would not vote for a thieving gypsy like Orban to be the prime minister.


  2. Angela Bogaczy

     /  27/02/2014

    Jobbik on 19%! WooooHooooHurray!

    49% for Fidesz is not bad either. (Sorry, Leto: had to.)



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