A woman of integrity

… who speaks her mind. And who  expressed my opinion, too.

Abby Martin: First I get called a “Russian propagandist” for toeing the RT line, now I am getting vitriol from people claiming I “sold out” to Western imperialism because I voiced an opinion that I believe in. I am against military intervention. Period. And no, I am not going to Crimea.

A FaceBook User:  I agree with what Abby said last night but Abby? What you need to Understand is this. Our nation (USA) Has been conducting covert Military operation all around the world overthrowing Governments since 1953. overthrowing Jacobo Árbenz of Guatemala and Mohammad Mosaddegh of Iran in 1953. We had the Korean War, Vietnam War, Sponsored a coup in 1973 overthrowing Allende in Chile,Sponsoring the Dirty War in Argentina and the latest inside Syria and how the Palestinians are raped and pillaged by Israel. We can go on and on and on. What you said last night was noble and I commend you for that. But what you need to also understand that USA is the aggressor here and Russia whether you agree with it or not. Has to protect it’s own vital interest. I’m Sorry but I’m not a pacifist and most people do reserve the right to defend themselves against a NEO NAZI Fascist Putch Regime that has taken over Ukraine. Also Russia will not Tolerate a NATO outpost at its Door step. It’s USA that has over 200 bases all around the world surrounding China, Iran and Russia. OK?

Abby Martin: Yes  and what you clearly don’t understand is I speak up against the US on the daily on this show about its military takeover of the planet. It’s called consistency.

She made worldwide news with this:

I wondered if CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC  etc. had cut her offline after the very first sentence in such a case…

What occurred to me when I listened Ms. Martin was this:

was there even a single U.S. television host who said anything comparable to this in the lead-up to, or the early stages of, the U.S. invasion of Iraq?

Apparently the answer is that there were two journalists Phil Donahue from MSNBC and Peter Arnett from NBC who did something similar.  Both were fired from their jobs.

In contrast RT management said later Ms. Martin would not be reprimanded.

PS:  I explained the relevance of this post on my blog here.

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