Thus spoke Holy Market

Oh, well, the economic analysts were wrong again, consumer prices in Hungary increased only by 0.1% in February compared to February 2013 instead of what their consensus figure (0.5% yr/yr CPI) was. 🙂

Inflation rate in Hungary

Another  recent economic figure  is that Hungary’s already huge trade balance figure grew to 7.3 bn EUR last year from 6.7 bn EUR in 2012.

According to Portfolio, the Market  thinks  the return of the postcommies  would be the best outcome of the elections from an economic point of view. 🙂  Yes, Holy Market wants MSZP and its splinters , that is “Kormányváltás” (Change of Government)  which is their new name since last week, changed from  “Összefogás” (Unity).  Fortunately the Hungarian voters don’t seem to want them.

The Market has spoken?


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