Hungary: Standing Up to the West?

This rare video gives a fair picture of what was happening in Hungary in 2012 in fact and it explains it pretty well why Hungary got so bad publicity from the Western media, often even along the lines of “Democracy in Hungary is dead and Fascism rules”.
If you do want to have a glimpse of the truth about Hungary then this video is to be watched.

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  1. The MAD Jewess

     /  14/03/2014

    We have to do everything to STOP USA/EU and whoever from turning Hungary upside down.
    You know Paul Craig Roberts, right?
    I emailed my post to Ron Paul.
    I sincerely dont know when Americans are going to wake up to what their govt is doing to people all over the world and can only say I am sorry but cannot ask for forgiveness.

    • I have great respect for Ron Paul. He’s about the only USA politician who belongs to that category.

      I know little about Paul Craig Roberts but I’m reading up on him and I’m browsing his site now.

  2. The MAD Jewess

     /  14/03/2014

    I normally do not like to put my links up, but I think you should see this:

    I am trying to stop US govt from doing the same thing in Hungary as they did to Ukraine

    • Thanks, it’s no problem because it’s a very relevant post.

      There was an attempt in Hungary to replace PM Orbán with a more “manageable” guy but it was unsuccessful, unlike in Italy and Greece, mostly because several hundreds of thousands of Hungarians took to the street supporting him.

      This happened after evil Hillary Clinton’s adviser Charles Gati said that “there are methods for getting rid of the Orbán government – in a democratic way if possible and in another way if that’s not possible ”

  3. The MAD Jewess

     /  14/03/2014

    Please alert your people that evil, liberal John McCain was in Hungary. you need to do EVERYTHING you can to get John McCain and the US cabal out of Hungary, BAN him.

    • Yeah, if it had been up to me, he wouldn’t have entered this country. He tried hard to give support to his ailing postcommie favourites and he had the cheek to say this:
      “We understand the concerns about the state of democracy in Hungary that have been raised by people both inside and outside of this country. Some of these concerns are very serious. They need to be resolved democratically, by Hungarians, and this country’s democratic institutions, its checks and balances and rule of law, need to be strong enough to support that process.”

  4. PressTV is the 24-hour English language news organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, isn’t it?

    • I didn’t have a clue… but now I know.

      The most interesting thing in the video, for me, was what the leftlib opposition activists (Milla) said.

      • Yes, it certainly explains why the the opposition’s attempt to align with Milla didn’t come to much. But I was impressed with how subtle the report was. It reminded me of Ian McEwan’s recent novel “Sweet Tooth” which fictionalizes the cultural cold war between the KGB and MI5 in the seventies.

        • ” it certainly explains why the the opposition’s attempt to align with Milla didn’t come to much”

          Those two young Milla activists appeared to be decent and honest to me and these traits are certainly not what comes to my mind when I think of MSZP and its circles…


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