Hungary’s Example

A pleasant dissonance in the present wave of anti-Jewish discrimination in various parts of Central and Eastern Europe is the call issued yesterday by the Hungarian government party, inviting the Jews of Hungary to submit to the government any complaints which they may have.

How long is it since Hungary was listed among the anti-Semitic countries of Europe? How long since Hungary was the first country officially to introduce a numerus clausus for Jewish students? How long is it since Jew-baiting speeches were delivered from the platform of the Hungarian parliament by leading members of the Cabinet?

The Hungary of today is the first country in Europe with the courage to abandon official anti-Semitism after realizing that it is a menace to the nation. The call issued yesterday by the government party, inviting Jewish complaints, is only another proof that the present regime in Hungary does not regret the change in its policy with regard to the Jews. Could not Hungary’s experience serve as an example to other European nations?

Miklós Horthy, Emlékirataim.

Miklós Horthy, Regent of Hungary  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s a contemporary Jewish opinion article about the allegedly sooooooo anti-Semitic Horthy-era of Hungary.

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  1. rajgy

     /  29/01/2015

    Hi! You have a nice page.
    I would like to recommend you a jewish magazine, where a jewish historian Eliezer M. Rabinovich writes about Horthy, how he stopped the deportations on the 6th july 1944.
    His opinion is, that nobody in the world had saved as many Jews as Horthy – and Wallenberg admitted it, – but the left-liberal politicians prevent to pay tribute to the anti-communist Horthy.
    He has made originally a much bigger work on Horthy in russian language:


    • Thank you very much for the links indeed. It’s great to see truth emerging despite the incredible amount of mud Regent Horthy has been, and is being, thrown at.



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