I’m kinda hardened by now when it comes to shameless anti-Hungarian propaganda lies spread in the Western press about Hungary but I still think it’s worth having a few words about this  abomination from Australia’s public broadcaster. It’s titled “Democracy distorted in Hungary”.

Of course they start off with a picture of  Hungarian Guard activists marching with torches.  Then the other picture show a Hungarian Guard march, too.  Fascist everywhere, even under your bed….  Of course there’s no mentioning of that the picture had to be taken before 2010, when the Fidesz-government came to power, and of course there’s no mentioning of the fact that the Hungarian Guard has been banned since then.

Then Australia’s public broadcaster provides its unsuspecting audience with such utter garbage:

Hungary has displayed the sort of public anti-Semitism that hasn’t been witnessed on the continent since the end of the Second World War.

So how many rabbis have been shot in Hungary recently?  And how many synagogues have been set on fire in Hungary recently?

Then you get the usual, oft-repeated  lunacy from  “Hungary specialist Kim Lane Scheppele”, an unscrupulous liar and sworn enemy of Fidesz and Orbán,  who is bitching about that Fidesz got a two-third supermajority with 53% of the cast votes in 2010.   As if the old election system hadn’t been like that since 1990 and MSZP-SZDSZ hadn’t got a supermajority with a similar share of the votes in 1994.  That wasn’t a “design defect”, as she put it then, was it?  Incidentally  under the the British first-past-the-pole election system Fidesz would have gotten 99.5% of the seats in 2010.

Isn’t “public service” supposed to mean striving for non-partisan factual reporting in Australia?

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