Orbán on Hungary’s interests

Applying economic sanctions against Russia is not in Europe’s interests and especially not in the interests of Hungary.

said Prime Minister Orbán in an interview given to a Hungarian business newspaper.

One of the gas storage facilities Hungary bought back from EON

Answering a question about the possible role of US shale gas in supplying Europe, he also added

It’s in the best interests of Hungary to be able to buy natural gas whoever she wants to buy from. We have been able to buy only Russian gas so far even if that gas came from Austria.  As of this Thursday, we have access to Northern European gas, too, since Hungary has been connected to  Slovakia’s gas pipelines.  This is the very first time in history that if we don’t want to buy Russian gas for economic or other reasons then we can do so. This is an important step in the direction of achieving energy independence.  Our goal is clear: we have bought  the gas storage facilities to this end, too.  (Note: These facilities were sold in 2006 by the “left liberal” Gyurcsány government to the Germany multinational company EON.)


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