Europe, freedom and Russia

Europe has been unable to swallow the fact that Russia is not organized and run as European democracies are. The prime European value is freedom  but the question in Russia how to keep such a huge country together is one that will always supersede European values. This has to be taken into consideration and  we should try to manage our relations well, in the spirit of international law, rather than trying  to  lecture them constantly and then losing the opportunity to cooperate with them.

said prime minister Viktor Orbán about Russia in an interview given to the right-wing weekly Demokrata.

Clash of Civilizations

I would add that really the same goes for China, too.   I thought it would be an interesting debate to discuss if “freedom”, as it is meant in the Western civilization, is applicable everywhere or if this approach should be considered “pragmatics” or “opportunism”…   Then I realized  this would be essentially a “The end of history and the last man”  vs.  “Clash of civilizations”  debate.  (In a nutshell, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that “Western liberal democracies mean the end of history” and eventually the whole Earth will live in such political systems. On the other hand Samuel Huttington predicted a perpetual conflict  fought by  the “incompatible” civilizations shown on the map)

Let me note then when the Western phrase “massive human rights abuses in Russia”  often means  “Russia has passed laws and policies to repress  LGBT citizens”  then I’m not particularly convinced who is on the “right side of history”.  Ah, yes,  that refers to the “US State Department’s 2013 report on human rights” you can read about here.

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  1. Well spoken Angela.


  2. Angela Bogazcy

     /  03/04/2014

    Leto, I’m quite chuffed that you pulled the charlatan Francis Fukuyama back into the light of day! If ever there was a perfectly faithful puppet-lad of the neo-cons, it is he. That silly ‘end of history’ essay of his (which actually did no more than crow that his side has won) had its stuffing kicked out to the point that the fellow took to pleading that all he meant was that the age of ideology is over. Yet he was hopelessly wrong even there, given that in the more-than-twenty years since he wrote that essay, we have seen an ideology emerge that is called ‘human rights’, and is pushed coercively by the worst abusers of human rights (in the classic sense) that modern history has seen.

    A case in point is the cornering of the ‘rights’ concept to have it work as the under-miner of European values, and as the mission to displace its moral institutions. You are spot-on here: ‘Let me note then when the Western phrase “massive human rights abuses in Russia” often means “Russia has passed laws and policies to repress LGBT citizens’.

    We have just seen the two flagships of ‘human rights’ (the EU and the USA) move in on Ukraine, Blackwater mercenaries and IDF-trained personnel in tow, to overthrow that country’s legitimate government, which, however inadequate, was no less inadequate than all Ukrainian governments since its independence. The coup-makers who achieved this (with amazing cheek, touting Ukrainian nationalists as its leaders, them promptly installing the World Banker Yatsenyuk (not an ethnic Ukrainian) as head of government, and killing the leader of Centre Right!) instantly filled the world press with accusations of Russian imperialism, meanwhile machinating to return to parliament the criminal Tymoshenko, whose murderous thugs protected her and her ill-gotten gains as the ‘gas princess’ until she was voted out of office. (‘Fuck the ballot box,’ do I hear Victoria Nuland chuckle?)

    A major European freedom and right ripped away from Ukrainians here was the right to determine their own government. That was done by ‘our’ side, the EU and USA! This quite terrifies me: What is to prevent exactly this happening in Hungary, too? Our ‘Left’ is shamed and discredited to the hilt. It has no hope of re-election. But the international media are still the ‘Left’s’ friends. Will the human-rights-touting EU commissars and US neo-cons intervene to help them in Hungary? Or will they allow Hungary to be the first ex-Soviet satellite to decisively clean out the ‘Left’? (I am fearful, quite frankly: They can always pull the Gipsy card, and/or the antisemitic card, to engineer a coup against our elected government too. It is not without design that they ‘nazi’ at us relentlessly.)


  3. Why am I so annoyed, that everything that I should think is right, it has to come from Washington, who has been selected into office on the regular wave of big money.
    Why am I so annoyed?
    What’s the business of the USA in Ukraine?
    Do they wanna sell their gas to Europe?
    Is the USA after the European gas and oil market?


    • “Ukraine has Europe’s 3rd largest shale gas reserves at 42 trillion cubic feet”. The USA wanted to “bind the Russians”, as some US politician said, and it’s all the better for them if they can sell shale gas to Europe at the expense of Russia..



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