About the strong result of Jobbik

Jobbik  increased their support significantly in the last six months but especially in the very finish  of the campaign.   Having acquired almost as many votes as the five-party “left liberal” alliance, they can be considered a major Hungarian party now .

Update (thanks to commenter “szebbjovot”): The map below clearly proves this.

The distribution of second places in Hungary’s electoral constituencies

All this began after Jobbik started repositioning themselves about half a year ago, giving up their often openly racist rhetoric, and they started to create an image of a “youthful, cool party”.  No doubt their campaign has been great.  They didn’t enter into any mudslinging even when that meant losing some tactical edge for them.

Decided voters

If this direction would persist then I think they’ll be able to influence FideszKDNP much more than so far, pushing them on the nationalist agenda, and this consolidation trend may even end up in cooperation with Fidesz.   Time will tell.

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  1. szebbjovot

     /  07/04/2014

    Here is where Jobbik came second


    • Géza

       /  07/04/2014

      Jobbik won in Tiszatenyö (close to Szolnok), Fidesz second.


    • szebbjovot

       /  08/04/2014

      Here is a detailed map of second place at local level. As you can see, outside of cities Jobbik crushes the left.


  2. szebbjovot

     /  07/04/2014

    No matter what, they will always be that “racist neo nazi party”. Maybe not so much in Hungary itself (where it matters the most), but certainly in the eyes of the West, so any form of open co-operation with them, will be very costly for Fidesz (think Jörg Haider).

    I was pleasantly surprised at Orbán’s comments against Jobbik, he criticized them for being anti-EU, rather than being “intolerant nazis”. I guess that’s a sign that they are more or less accepted to be part of Hungarian politics now, while before many expected them to disappear thinking that 2010 was a one time protest vote.



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