Who said what about today’s landslide Fidesz victory

The results of the elections are in a nutshell:

  1. It’s a huge, huge centre-of-right  victory! After four years in government,  FideszKDNP  seems to have been able to retain even the supermajority!  This still hangs in the balance though because of two constituencies where the votes are very close to each other.
  2. The postcommunist left-liberal “Change of Government” coalition (MSZP, Együtt, PM, DK,  Liberals) came in second and they managed to win in ten individual constituencies. Apart from a single election district in the city of Szeged, all of these are on the Pest side of Budapest.
  3. Radical right-wing Jobbik came in third and relatively close to the postcommunist alliance. Undoubtedly Jobbik forms a third political centre now.
  4. Green-liberal LMP managed to sneak into the Parliament with a 5.2 percent result.


MP seats in the new Parliament based on 93.53 percents of the votes


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, seemingly quite moved,  thanked everybody who voted and especially those voters who supported his party.  He said that they worked hard for this result and God  will decide if they are worthy of it.  He emphasized that today Hungarians are the most united nation in Europe.  Referring to the postcommunist opposition, he said that Hungary rejected hatred and, hinting at Jobbik’s rhetoric, he said Hungary also rejected leaving the European Union.

MSZP chairman Mesterházy refused to congratulate PM Orbán to his victory because “the electoral system was flawed and strongly biased” and he was talking about “Fidesz-dictatorship”, an “illegitimate regime”, etc.  Let’s note that he said they’d get a supermajority, under the very same rules and these circumstances, a few months ago…

Ex MSZP PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, the leader of the extremist left-liberal party “Democratic Coalition“, said “Hungarian voters were plain wrong” and he pledged they’d get into power sooner than 2018.  He offered no congratulation to PM Orbán, “of course”.

Ex-MSZP PM Gordon Bajnai , the leader of Együtt-PM, was also whining about the electoral system.  He also refused to  congratulate PM Orbán.

Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona congratulated PM Orbán and pledged they’d win the next elections.

LMP chairman András Schiffer congratulated both PM Orbán  and  MSZP chairman Attila Mesterházy and he offered him co-operation in opposition.


I say those losers who were unable to offer the basic courtesy of congratulating the re-elected prime minister are very obviously (pathetic)  losers in the other sense of the word, too.



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  1. Angela Bogazcy

     /  07/04/2014

    Big congratulations to Fidesz and the PM! Good to see you back so decisively. An even bigger congratulations to Jobbik, now definitely a mainstream party.

    The berks on the ‘left’ (the ‘government changers’!) did not even manage a conventional congratulations. Now, that is sick.

    Then there’s the cretin Gyurcsany: ‘…he pledged they’d get into power sooner than 2018.’ Indeed! And the witch Timea Szabo tweaked this with her vow that politics will now happen outside parliament.

    Charles Gati comes to mind, and I shudder. He has opined that the Fidesz government must go, by other means if not by lawful ones. Surely we have a foreign-media assault to look forward to. But what else? Is this very strong national parliament (Fidesz and Jobbik, but independently) in the cross-hairs of sinister forces? (Sorry I’m being a party-pooper.)


  2. szebbjovot

     /  07/04/2014

    Are you familiar with Egyenlítő TV?

    Here is their, “non racist” libturd reaction…
    “Nézzük a jó oldalát! Remekül mennek a dolgok, mert az ország 2/3-a nem akar változást, sőt, bizonyítottuk milyen felvilágosult nemzet vagyunk, hisz továbbra is cigány miniszterelnökünk van. Jó éjt Magyarország!”



    • No, I’m not but the name rings a bell.

      MSZP-fans love to call Orbán names like “gumicsizmás törpecigány diktátor” (dwarf Gypsy dictator in wellies)… The “Gypsy Orbán” theme was a significant element in the (unofficial) MSZP campaign in 2006.

      Personally speaking, the most disgusting anti-Gypsy racist slurs I have ever heard came from MSZP-fan pensioners.



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