Hurrah, I live in EU’s only dictatorship

Hungary may well be the European Union’s only dictatorship

the global news agency Bloomberg commented after  Fidesz won another landslide victory in democratic and free elections.

The  postcommies and libnazis  are whining madly about “”free but not fair elections”.  Their foreign comrades, their  sponsors  and their overlords try to amplify that wailing hard.  They all drivel about that “only” 62% percents of Hungarian voters cast their votes and “only” 45% of these supported Fidesz but that still resulted in 66% of the seats and how “unfair” that is.  Let’s note that these figures would have resulted in more than 90 percents of the MP seats for Fidesz under the pure “first-pass-the-post” electoral system of the UK. Can anybody recall a lot of crying about the “unfairness” of the British election system and what a dictatorship the UK is?

Terrified people in front of the Hungarian Parliament, demonstrating against the dictator who got 45% percents of the votes in free but unfair elections

Other  mouthpieces of  the globalist big businesses took similar viewpoints like Bloomberg:

  • The Wall Street Journal wrote about “Hungary’s reactionary lurch” in its editorial.
  • The Washington Post posted a hostile piece, written by Charles Gáti, drooling about a “personally managed, semi-authoritarian” regime.
  • Earlier they published an editorial, whining about Hungary’s banning the so-called “gay marriage”,  with the conclusion that “the European Union and NATO should not tolerate a member government that violates fundamental democratic principles”
  • The Telegraph posted a blog entry titled “Hungary is becoming the biggest reason why we may have to leave the EU”
  • Reuters congratulated  with the usual Nazi-theme.
  • The (British!!!) Financial Times cries  like this: “The EU cannot continue to look the other way as a member undermines its democratic standards”.

The list could be probably continued for a long time, of course…

All in all, I’m quite pleased that my vote contributed to all these articles.

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  1. bob

     /  14/04/2014

    There are bad news. The friend of Red Eva (the former communist Eva S. Balogh) wrote another lie-filled rant in the blog of Paul Krugman

    And then they generously give you 1500 characthers to reply to this monstrous collection of lies, smears, half-truths. Really breathtaking that they let this disgraced “expert” Kim Lame Scheppuli peddle this type of garbage.

    She is an expert on getting obese, overeating, stuffing her mouth with pies, but not an expert on Hungary for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This close-knit lot is making themselves more and more ridiculous with this kind of whining. Even the overwhelming majority of the comments to that article aren’t particularly supportive of the ranting by this “Hungary expert” and we’re talking about the New York Times… 🙂


  2. Stevan Harnad = troll

     /  14/04/2014

    Did you guys see that the troll writing under the name “Stevan Harnad” was banned from the economist and the guardian? He was trying to post a list full of lies and innuendo but his trolling comments were removed from these websites.

    Maybe the moderators are getting more attentive and are more willing to ban rabid Hungarian-haters like Stevan Harnad.

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  3. Géza

     /  10/04/2014

    All thiese people are just hypocrites. Can we call the US or Western Europian countries “democratic” in the real sense of the word? I don’t think so! A lot of examples can be given to proof my point, But let’s take a look at the “democratic and free and above all, transparent” EU! Do I have to say more?


  4. Angela Bogaczy

     /  10/04/2014

    There’s a nice suggestion from Lovas Istvan in todays MNO

    that the aggressive foreign-media attacks on Hungary were significant contributors to the voter disposition that produced the 2014 election results.

    A further interesting thing is that FT gave free rein to excellent Hungarian posters on this quite silly and easily debunked Hungary-hating rant by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

    And debunked it was! Congratulations on your own sterling performance there, Leto.



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