Hungarian Reagan?

It’s no secret I kept my fingers crossed for Viktor Orbán whom I consider a champion of human rights. I appreciate what he’s been doing to fight anti-Semitism. Since I also preside over the International Human Rights Committee of the Congress, I know the political stance of the Hungarian prime minister well. I know that includes banning cloning, punishing human trafficking strictly and standing up for human life and dignity. We also think the same about family values and patriotism.

said   Republican Congress Member Christopher H. Smith, the co-chairman of the USA Helsinki-committee.

Congressman Christopher H. Smith

Q: Were you surprised at the results of the Hungarian elections?

CHS:  I didn’t expect such an overwhelming success. The Hungarian people have clearly expressed their will who they want their leader to be in the next four years. I would compare Viktor Orbán to our great president Ronald Reagan.

Q: That’s a very flattering comparison but isn’t this an exaggeration?

CHS: Not at all. I did work with President Reagan and I know Viktor Orbán well. I find unmistakable similarity between them. Both are strong leaders with clear visions about the future of their countries. Nothing and nobody could divert them from the right way even though they have been ridiculed, criticized and attacked unjustly. They have endured the war waged on them with dignity. Both were re-elected with an overwhelming majority despite that the media worked against them.


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