New Fidesz supermajority is official

After a lot of re-counting and legal appeals by the postcommunist “Government Changers” (Kormányváltók) coalition, Hungary’s High Court (Kúria) has announced their sentence today: the distribution of MPs seats wouldn’t change.   Another Fidesz supermajority after four years in government sounds like a real political miracle.

I do worry about Fidesz though. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  All in all, I think Fidesz got away with relatively little corruption  in the last four years, given the power the Hungarian voters gave to Fidesz and PM Orbán in 2010.  I hope very much I could write the same in 2018…


The seats in the new Parliament


The “Government Changers”, in close cooperation with the global neoliberal media,  have been, and are, trying hard to question the legitimacy of the elections results. Well, that’s one could expect from the  Reding-strategy after all.   One of their major “argument” is that Fidesz got a 67% majority with “only” 45% of the votes and that’s sooooo unjust and it’s soooo dictatorial. They don’t have any answer to the fact, other than ignoring, that Fidesz would have won 95% of the seats under the election rules of the United Kingdom.   They keep whining about “gerrymandering by Fidesz”, “the lack of freedom of speech”, “an electoral system which makes Fidesz impossible to defeat”, etc.   Apparently MSZP chairman Attila Mesterházy didn’t think last December that the very same election rules would prevent them from obtaining a supermajority.    EU propaganda, or US mouthpieces like the Wall Street Journal,  focuses  on Jobbik, which got more votes than in 2010 but a smaller percentage of seats!,  instead of that why Fidesz had another landslide victory or  why their postcommie/left-liberal cronies suffered such a huge defeat again from the Hungarian voters…

Instead of trying to learn from the lessons the Hungarian electorate gave them, the postcommies  have been  playing the “anti-Semitic card” for months and they have been trying very hard, with a lot of help from the aforementioned global media,  to stir up more and more hysteria about a planned monument which will be dedicated to all victims of Hungary’s military occupation by Nazi Germany in 1944.   Maybe I’ll write a separate post about this.  In the meantime I highly recommend reading this (very instructive!) article how a descendant of Holocaust victims,  the leader of the leftist-green party LMP,  was be labelled  and attacked when he had opined in the same way as I wrote in the previous sentence.

And these “progressive, democratic forces who represent European values”, together with their foreign overlords in the EU and in the USA,  are apparently unwilling to face up reality: Hungary has had enough of “Kormányváltók”, that is the wreckage coalition of MSZP, its splinters like the small parties established by former Socialist prime ministers and the leftovers of the now defunct extremist “liberal” party SZDSZ.


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  1. Géza

     /  24/04/2014

    turul = Géza 🙂

  2. Géza

     /  23/04/2014

    As you I hope you can say the same thing in 2018. If not, Fidesz is doomed too like those left wing traitors now.

    The liberal and criminal US government through their US ambassy in Budapest (again) interfere in internal affairs of a sovereign nation this time our country.

    the United States urges the Hungarian government “to seek an honest, open, and factual assessment of the Holocaust in Hungary [which] includes soliciting and considering the opinions of all segments of Hungarian society, and especially those who are rightly most sensitive to the government’s plans during this 70th anniversary year.”

    I could have never imagined I would become so anti American as I became in the last years. Not only because of their foreign policy, but also of their internal policy.

    The EU, USA (NATO) AND the UN are a real danger for our country, because they al serve the same overlords Leto is talking about!

      • Géza

         /  23/04/2014

        so true, Leto!

        • Angela Bogaczy

           /  24/04/2014

          Also true, very worryingly so, is the dogged persistence of the anti-Semitic card, despite the total lack of genuine scope for it. Consider: A handful of vandals routinely wrecks the metal gridding of the German-occupation memorial’s foundation structure. The police are clearly instructed not to intervene. The US instructs the Hungarian government to ‘engage in dialogue’ with the vandals, never mind that their position is supported apparently only by the handful of the Hungarian public that MAZSIHISZ represents — and, of course, by the global press.

          This non-issue is tying the government’s hands in a very ordinary matter of law and order: it cannot discipline vandals if they are Jewish vandals. Why is Fidesz not calling upon MAZSIHISZ and other Jewish organisations to condemn the vandals’ depredations? (The bald answer might be grim.)

          Leto, do please write the ‘separate post’ about this situation that you are contemplating.

          • Turul

             /  24/04/2014

            The problem for a long time is, not only in Hungary, but all over the Western world, that no-one can criticize Jews or Israel, no matter what they do. If someone does it, then what you said happens, the anti-Semitic (or Holocaust) card cames into the discussion. Norman G Finkelstein (his parents who were Jewish Holocaust survivors) writes about this subject a lot.


            As Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

            • Angela Bogaczy

               /  25/04/2014

              A Hungarian friend emailed me late last night with the giggle-worthy news that HVIM meant to test whether patriots can take down cordons too. They were going to meet to remove the cordon around the ‘Soviet heroes’ monument in Szabadsag ter (the one that calls the vicious Soviet army ‘liberators’). But the police had done the job for them in the small hours of the previous night!

              Forgive me, but if this monument is tolerated in Szabadsag ter, is in not a stupendous cheek to take exception to the German-occupation memorial, in the design of which there is not even a hint of laudation? You are right, of course, Turul. But that situation does not oblige us to be passive takers of the insults the MAZSIHISZ types are dishing out on a daily basis to our grandfathers (therefore to us), positing their scurrilous lying as rationale for their objection to the German-occupation memorial.

              HVIM means to set about a dismantling of the Soviet ‘liberation’ monument, for test-case sake. I shall bl..dy well make sure I’m there. (If someone reminds me of the wisdom of Realpolitik, my language will turn extremely foul.)


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