No congratulation from a non-democracy

The so-called leftist (postcommunist), left-liberal media has been discussing (well the best word is really “voluptuously”) that President Obama did not congratulate Prime Minister Orbán for his recent re-election in  the second landslide electoral victory of Fidesz.  Obama joined the leaders of the five-party postcommunist coalition “Kormányváltók” (Government Changers) in their political indecency  who defiantly refused to offer the basic political courtesy of congratulating Mr. Orbán for his re-election (and acknowledging the will of the Hungarian people this way).   That’s something unprecedented even in the history of Hungary’s political cold war which has been going on since 1990.  (Well,  to tell the truth,  Vice President Joe Biden finally called Orbán on Saturday, and besides discussing the Ukrainian situation, he allegedly also congratulated PM Orbán).

Last week the US Embassy in Budapest issued a statement and  intervened in Hungary’s internal affairs this way:

As a fellow democracy, we continue to urge the government to seek an honest, open, and factual assessment of the Holocaust in Hungary

They made this statement because a few  dozens of  left-liberal/Jewish demonstrators had been dismantling the scaffolds, on a daily basis, for a monument which is meant to commemorate all the victims of Hungary’s military occupation by Nazi Germany in 1944.  (And the only thing the police did was recording the events!)



Hysterical demonstrators repeatedly dismantling the scaffolds for a monument which aims to commemorate all the victims of Hungary’s military occupation by Nazi Germany


All right,I think the explanation for the statement can be  found quite easily on this page which describes the biography of  the  US EmbassyChargé d’Affaires, a.i”:

Mr. Goodfriend was born in California and raised in Arizona.  After receiving Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy, Classical Greek, French and Radio-Television from the University of Arizona, he completed Master’s studies in Communication at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, followed by doctoral research in London on governmental use of new media.
Mr. Goodfriend has studied Hungarian, Hebrew, French, Russian, Greek (classical and modern), Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and Yiddish.

However let’s focus only on the phrase “fellow democracy” in the statement Mr. Goodfriend produced.

Let me ask the question if the USA is a “fellow democracy” indeed?  I think, at least together with the 45% of active voters who voted Fidesz, that Hungary is a democracy.   It’s evident that Obama did not congratulate Orbán because the global media attacks labelling Hungary “the EU’s only dictatorship” have been successful enough so he might disagree with us.   We can live with that.

So let’s put the question of Hungary’s being a democracy or dictatorship, or the question of the US being our fellow or not, aside for now and let’s pose the question if the US itself is a democracy.  Well, it’s an old triteness that “the US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite.”    It’s really more interesting when this statement  is actually proven by top US university  professors:

Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.

What this means in plain English is that “the wealthy few move policy, while the average American has little power.”  Is that called a democracy?  Nope, not really.  That’s called an oligarchy.   FYI Ukraine and Russia are also oligarchies.



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  1. Harnad = Troll

     /  29/04/2014

    Normally I wouldn’t comment here but I MUST call attention to Stevan Harnad who is a rabid Hungarian-hater and a dangerous spammer type troll.

    He most recently posted his “list” to the comment section of the article here:

    Let me share a few thoughts about him: I have personally witnessed this annoying characther getting banned on both the Guardian and The Economist with the exact same list no less. It may have to do something with creating a list half from untrtuths and unsupported criminal accusations and innuendo. A standard style FUD tactic being employed by the troll Harnad such as this one on full display here. Their aim is to create fear, uncertainity and doubt about their targets. The type of this troll is quite well known and previously categorized Harnad is just the best example. Stevan Harnad will often launch personal campaigns of harassment. In the past he harassed me personally, and tried to threaten and intimidate me when we participated in the same discussions. But he is just a member of a bigger group of trolls, really. They might be paid employees or activists of Leftist or ultra Liberal parties and organizations. They are radical extremists, who can sometimes be dangerous but mostly they are just as annoying as they are persistent.

    If you want to learn more about the time Harnad was banned with his “list” you should visit and look through all the comments. The easiest is to just use ctrl+F to search and then searching for the Term “Harnad” to find the comment of this vicious hate monger and anti-Hungarian hate propagandist Stevan Harnad.


  2. Anonymous

     /  28/04/2014

    Please read:

    This article is about Eva S. Balogh, it is from 2009… Please read it and draw your own conclusions about Red Eva the rabid Hungarian-hater activist. She might have more power and more connections than you know. Sometimes she is surprisingly well informed… I wonder why…


    • That’s been no news to me… 🙂
      I knew that Eva S. Balogh has connections to the CIA.


      • Angela Bogaczy

         /  29/04/2014

        It would be more interesting to ask who paid for Red Eva’s education and keep in Canada and the US. And why was she sent there after 1956? (She is a sinister old devil. I would not put it past her to have planted the ‘Iran pays Jobbilk’ suggestion.)


  3. Angela Bogaczy

     /  28/04/2014

    Super article, Leto. Please excuse me though: I am going to hone in on this bit of it:

    ‘Last week the US Embassy in Budapest issued a statement and intervened in Hungary’s internal affairs this way:

    As a fellow democracy, we continue to urge the government to seek an honest, open, and factual assessment of the Holocaust in Hungary.’

    I agree. It is high time for this to happen. However, I’m sure that our ‘fellow democracy’ means by ‘an honest, open, and factual assessment of the Holocaust in Hungary’ nothing short of ‘ram the globalist line on the Holocaust down your people’s throats much harder than you are already doing’.

    For my part, I am fed up with the lies about Hungarian responsibility for the deportation of Jews from Hungary, and with the disgusting libelling of the Regent, Admiral Miklós Horthy. These are my reasons:

    1. Germany had occupied 18 European countries before it occupied Hungary on 19 March 1944. Jews were deported in large numbers from all of those countries, but only Hungary intervened militarily to prevent that. So: Hungary was the only German-occupied country to defend by armed force its Jewish population from deportation by the German army. (One must wonder, as US diplomatic envoy to Hungary John Flournoy Montgomery did, how it was that the Germans tolerated that.)

    2. As a shock-and-awe operation, in the first weeks of the occupation, the Germans arrested close to 10,000 Hungarians, exactly 3,079 of whom were Jews (i.e., about 30% of the arrested). These figures are derived from documents captured at the German Embassy in Budapest, according to historian Károly Vigh. (More about him below.) So Hungary was not ever the enthusiastic welcomer of German occupation that Austria was.

    State Secretary for Internal Affairs László Baky ordered several units of csendőr (the gendarmerie) to Budapest to assist the German military in the deportation of the Jews. The deportation was to be completed by 10 July 1944. Between 6 and 7 July, General Koszorús deployed his panzers such that all exit roads from Budapest were blocked. The General also notified László Baky that unless he disperses his csendőr units and orders them to leave Budapest, his division will trounce them. Baky was persuaded, and the csendőr units left Budapest. These actions saved 250,000-300,000 Jews from deportation.

    Check the points made at 2. (above) in the well-documented work by historian Károly Vigh, Ugrás a Sötétbe Magvető Könyvkiadó, 1984. Check the panzer units’ feat also in the work of John Flournoy Montgomery, Hungary: The Unwilling Satellite, 1947.

    3. The Regent, Admiral Horthy, called a halt of deportations on 7 July 1944. Historian Károly Vigh was either no friend of the Regent, or it did not do in 1984, even for a leading academic historian of his standing, to laud him. So Admiral Horthy’s ‘halt’ gets no mention from him, nor does the fact that it was the Regent who asked General Ferenc Koszorús to use his Esztergom Panzer Division to prevent the deportation. (On who else’s authority could General Koszorús have acted?) But the Regent’s ‘halt’ on deportations is noted by John Flournoy Montgomery.

    Deportations were not resumed for the remainder of the Regent’s reign. On 14 October 1994, the Germans deported the Regent’s remaining son, Miklós Horthy Jr, and the Regent himself (with his wife, grandson and daughter-in-law) on 16 October 1944. Yet the ‘official’ line is that some half-million provincial Jews were deported from Hungary over six or seven weeks in June and July 1944. Curiously, the ICRC delegate in Hungary, who was in very close touch with the Hungarian Jewish elders throughout the war, just did not notice this massive movement of people who (allegedly) entrained under his nose in Budapest. See his report in Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities During the Second World War (September 1, 1939-June 30, 1947 ) Vol. 1 General Activities, pp. 647- 653.

    It is also an ‘official’ line that all of Hungary’s half-million provincial Jews were deported over six weeks of the June-July period of 1944. Yet The ICRC Report notes, on p. 651, that in November 1944, ‘one hundred thousand Jews poured into Budapest from the provinces’. Go figure.

    4. Please consider: Why is it only Hungary that is being reviled by some sections of Hungarian Jewry, and by the global media? Why do not, e.g., France or Holland or Austria, get that treatment? The greater part of France consisted of Pétain’s collaborators. And Holland had a sizeable Nazi party from 1931 onwards that held seats in parliament from 1935. (In contrast, the Arrow Cross in Hungary was illegal while the Regent was in situ.) Nobody in either France or Holland or Austria made the slightest effort prevent the deportation of Jews. Yet France gets the laughable Résistance celluloid celebration, Holland the protector-of-Jews image, and Austria is left out of the picture. It is high time for Hungary to come up with a decently researched and documented history of its WWII experience. The old lies just cannot be left in place.


  4. Well, I’m surprised to see that the same thing is happening in Turkey. PM Tayyip Erdogan is also labelled as a dictator, and Obama didn’t conguraculate him after the local elections. The problem is that US wants to interfere the internal affairs of the countries. PM Erdogan could be authoritarian like Orbán but I don’t think they are dictators.


    • Yup, I agree that it’s a quite similar thing.
      The difference is that, unlike you, I’m not surprised. :p I kinda follow politics in Turkey. Besides I’ve got a Hungarian friend who speaks Turkish and he regularly visits Turkey. I know that Erdogan gets a similarly rough treatment from the global media because he’s also a traditionalist and nationalist.
      I’m not sure “authoritarian” is the right word for Erdogan and Orbán though. “Political strong men”, “strong leaders” are, I think.

      Who in their sane mind would think that you could make a styrofoam statue of the dictator in any dictatorship and then you could topple the statue and then kick the head around, without any retribution at all, and then the “oppressed” opposition press would fuel the Two Minutes Hate? 😀
      Yes, that’s what Orbán’s opposition did last autumn… and they were very surprised the Hungarian voters didn’t appreciate the show. 😀


      • But in anyway they need to try to embrace whole nation. Thing Erdogan is not doing.


        • I’m not sure about that. I roughly know the cultural/political dividing lines in Turkey and I don’t think it’s possible to bridge over those trenches within a government. Or if trying to embrace those differences would be productive.
          The solution is alternating governments which must show self-restraint because their seats are not surefire. That’s why “democracy is the worst form of goverment, except all others”.


        • Angela Bogaczy

           /  29/04/2014

          Serhat, what part/s of the nation is Mr Erdogan not embracing? The Kemalists, I suppose, or others too? I read Today’s Zaman quite often, particularly the weekly column of Prof. Gokhan Bacik. He was once very warmly supportive of Mr Erdogan, but has since become quite critical of him, particularly for effectively putting the judiciary, and other arms of the civil service, under political control. Mr Orban has done nothing like that. (I often wish he would.) His domestic and global critics never get around to saying exactly what he has ever done that is dictatorial: they just say it!

          I ‘m quite surprised to hear that Mr Obama did not congratulate Mr Erdogan either. Was it not said that there is a strong personal rapport between them? Also, I’d love to hear your analysis of why the once-strong Turkey-USA alliance seems suddenly to be diminishing. Is it to do with the regional politics, or with the global supporters of the Kemalists?

          Anyway, I say with the leader of the Jobbik Party that we should go in pursuit of our Turanian roots, and develop a close relationship with Turkey.


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