Freedom of press in Orbán’s dictatorship

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

You must have noticed that ass which you have grown to replace your face. I understand if you don’t bother, you have already been treated with such kind of anomaly…

wrote  journalist Árpád W. Tóta in a left-liberal weekly two months ago.  No, he’s not in prison and he’s been still writing similar things almost each day.

The same journalist was introduced as “a very influential, extremely famous blogger” in a public debate  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands two years ago.   Hungary’s political situation and the freedom of press was the topic.  Mr. Tóta told the Western audience that Hungary is a dictatorship. He also added that “the  press in Hungary is not free, everything is controlled by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Western press doesn’t see this”.

According to today’s report by Freedom House, a US government sponsored organization,  Hungary’s press is only “partly free” and they rank “political rights” worse than in 2006 and 2007.  Then Freedom House’s evaluated Hungary’s freedom of speech as “free”.   “Freedom rating”, “civil liberties”, “political rights”  were given the highest  grades in 2006 and 2007.    That was when the media hegemony  of the Socialist-leftliberal regime was still unbroken (though Hír TV was delivering huge blows to it).  That was when the government held “left-liberal media friends only” press conferences. It was the autumn of 2006 when police terror reigned in the streets of Budapest.  Watch this documentary:

Once again, this is from 2006 when Freedom House gave the highest grade for Hungary’s “civil liberties” and “political rights”.



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  1. reminds me of the ethiopian bloggers got arrested in addis abeba end of april


  2. rslives

     /  05/05/2014

    List of leftist and liberal controlled media outlets:
    Élet és Irodalom (ÉS)
    Magyar Narancs
    168 óra
    Heti Világgazdaság (HVG) (largest circulation weekly)
    Vasárnapi hírek
    Blikk (chief editor, the ultra-left Marcell Murányi. This is also the largest circulation newspaper in Hungary)
    TVs completly under leftist control:
    RTL Klub (largest TV station in Hungary)
    Story 4
    Internet portals: (largest internet portal) (second largest internet portal)
    kettos merce
    and many others…

    We should amend this list and repost every single time when the topic of the “oppressed, miserable” and so on and so forth state of the Left wing media comes up. The truth is they still control more than 50% and have the biggest media companies under their thumb in almost all important sectors.


  3. Angela Bogaczy

     /  02/05/2014

    Thank you very much, Leto. You are doing the English-speaking world a big service by correcting the lies of the global media about the first decent, effective, respect-commanding, patriotic government Hungary has had since 1945. The neo-Bolshevik (or neo-con) power structures succeeded to bring this government down after its single previous term. We cannot let them do that again.

    It’s shudder-inducing that the EU did not so much as notice the vicious attach on unarmed, peaceful protestors on the anniversary of the Uprising of 1956 (choosing instead to treat MEP Dr Krisztina Morvai’s report on the floor of the EP with derision), and the global press had nothing at all to say: not one expression of concern, not a single condemnation of the police chief or of the government; no reaction at all to the police chief’s failure over more than six months to attend court; no questions asked when the case against him was dismissed; no calling to account of the PM, the execrable Gyurcsany. Then this sort of thing, again and again, for whitewash: ‘… Freedom House’s evaluated Hungary’s freedom of speech as “free”. “Freedom rating”, “civil liberties”, “political rights” were given the highest grades in 2006 and 2007’!

    These atrocities, government and police brutality followed by a conspiracy of EU ‘blind eye’ and blatant global media lies, can happen in the 21st century! Indignation wrestles with fear as one contemplates them.



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