Orbán on mass immigration

… mass immigration is not the solution to Europe’s demographic problems. History has proven that civilisations that are not capable of biologically preserving themselves are destined to disappear. Our civilisation, Europe is not capable of this today. However, mass immigration, which many propose as a remedy, creates tensions that only lead to more conflict and pose the threat of a political earthquake due to cultural, religious and lifestyle differences. Common sense dictates that Europe will prefer dealing with its demographic problems in the future in a natural way, by respecting and rewarding child-bearng and the family

said PM Orbán at the Europe Forum Conference.


Here is the full speech.  Ah, and note the tone of the Financial Times reporting on the speech.


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  1. Angela Bogaczy

     /  14/05/2014

    The PM is an extraordinary man. He is never wrong-footed in debate, for he is astonishingly quick on his feet. And reading the text of this talk, I am amazed by the complete absence from it of sanctimony, PC-ness, cliche and weather-eye on comfy neutrality. His delivery is interest-commanding for its substance alone, and downright compelling for its first-person-speaking passion. Quite simply, he sounds authentic. All this is most unusual for a contemporary European politician. Thanks for this transcript, Leto.



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