New government sworn in

… we stand by the classic Lincolnian thought: our government shall be of the people, by the people, for the people. We reject elitism and, in response, the elites call this politics “populism” … We need elites but we don’t need an elitist government.

… The election winner is not right. The election winner has a job to do.  The greater is the mandate one gets, the greater is the responsibility one bears.

Prime ministerial inauguration speech by Viktor Orbán, on the 6th of June, 2014.


The third Orbán government

Orbán’s full speech and the introduction of the ministers (in Hungarian) can be watched here.  Note that he, a practising Calvinist, finished with Soli Deo gloria , one of the Five solas,  He seems to make this into a tradition at such ceremonial occasions.

The new government held its first meeting in the afternoon and it was revealed that PM Orbán asked Defence Minister Hende to investigate the possibility his ministry could move to Székesfehérvár, Agriculture Minister Fazekas about moving to Debrecen, cabinet minister Lázár about moving the countryside development state secretary office to Kecskemét.   Given the incredible  weight in state administration  1.7 million strong Budapest has in 10 million strong Hungary, I’d say this would be a paradigm shift in Hungarian politics!  Though I’m sceptical it would actually happen. The first freely elected government in 1990 wanted  the Constitutional Court to work in Esztergom, there was even a law about this but the Constitutional Court still moved to Budapest “temporarily” and “for practical reasons” … until 2012 when a law eventually stated that the Constitutional Court is based in Budapest.   Yup, that was a farce.

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