Media freedom has ceased to exist in Hungary … yet again

If this tax would be enforced then there won’t be media freedom in Hungary more.


said  Andreas Rudas, RTL Group manager.  He added that “we stand up for the conflict  and the idea of leaving Hungary doesn’t even cross our mind”.

Mind you that media freedom has ceased today in Hungary because the tax law has been passed by the Parliament. In fact  media freedom ceased to exist in Hungary already in 2012 when the new media law was passed … and then it has ceased to exist on about each day since then.

Der Spiegel, the British Reuters, the Guardian, the Washington Post, etc. also chimed in the concert and they all emphasized that the pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet also protested against the new ad tax.  Well, they are not exempt from it either… or wait, in fact they are because no tax must be paid up to 500 million Forints. That means no Hungarian daily, weekly and monthly newspapers will pay.  However the trash (“commercial”) TV channels, like RTL, do have to pay up.



Ah, yes, this ad tax is really just a foot in the door because Google and Facebook, which don’t  pay any tax in Hungary, are meant to be the main  targets.


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  1. beatrix sz

     /  07/07/2014

    Andreas Rudas should pay the same salary to his journalists and go on holiday less himself and there won’t be any problem with the freedom of the press!!

  2. rrr

     /  12/06/2014

    List of leftist and liberal controlled media outlets:

    Élet és Irodalom (ÉS)
    Magyar Narancs
    168 óra
    Heti Világgazdaság (HVG) (largest circulation weekly)
    Vasárnapi hírek

    Blikk (chief editor, the ultra-left Marcell Murányi. This is also the largest circulation newspaper in Hungary)

    TVs completly under leftist control:

    RTL Klub (largest TV station in Hungary)
    Story 4

    Internet portals: (largest internet portal) (second largest internet portal)
    kettos merce
    and many others…


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