The opposite ones

The Hungarian people have bred, with centuries’ work, the perfect opposite of themselves. It’s a being that is always cheerful, merry as a grig, which see only the good in everyone and which is infinitely nice to everyone. It’s a being that trusts the whole Created World, that doesn’t mull over the past and doesn’t worry about the future.

Meet the Hungarian Vizsla!  (The quote is from here)



Vizsla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Hungarian Vizsla named "Ginger Gypsy Ro...

A Hungarian Vizsla named “Ginger Gypsy Rose” playing with sticks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Okay… this post is seriously unbalanced… Let me fix that immediately:


A Black Beauty





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  1. Justasking

     /  24/06/2014

    Hey Leto!!! Love that you are coming over to the dark side…the dog side!


    • I told you I like dogs, too. 🙂
      .. provided they are at least twice as big as a cat… or MagyarViking’s rotweiler should have them for breakfast. That’s about the only thing we both agreed on. 😀


      • Justasking

         /  25/06/2014

        How are you dear friend?

        Miss YOU on (not necessarily how you may deliver some of your posts 😀 ) but miss you none the less. Email me on my other email address and not the default one I use for here and on politics. If you don’t remember it, write me anyhow and I’ll give you it again.



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