Epic fail

Hungary’s conservative government dared to launch an investigation into the matters of the so-called “Norvég Civil Alap” (Norway Civic Fund).  As it turned out last year, really the network is operated by the neoliberal Jewish American billionaire, stock exchange shark and CIA-smelling, colour revolution supporter George Soros  who is the money distributor and manager of this Norwegian state organization.   Soros heavily funds the postcommunist opposition, such as ex-Socialist PM Bajnai’s “Haza és Haladás” foundation, and most importantly he supports everything socially subversive:  militant homosexual activists, drug addicts, militant pro-abortion groups, a “trade union”  of prostitutes, militant “Roma rights” groups,   “human rights” groups … but of the right kind only.  For example, they turned down supporting the  Baptist Humanitarian Aid Mission  because, according to them, “it doesn’t comply with the modern approach to human rights”.

Today’s news is that now even Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas O. Melia,  the former Deputy Executive Director of Freedom House , got involved…  Yes,  it smells CIA.

English: Bajnai has met George Soros in New York

Gordon Bajnai meeting George Soros in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The board of the allegedly non-political money-distributing NGO consists of persons closely related to the “left-liberal” political forces Mr. Soros is so fond of. According to Roger Scruton, the famous British conservative political thinker, the Soros-network is behind the bad reputation Hungary has in the global media and they spread the image of “Hungary’s becoming a Fascist dictatorship“:

It’s not persecution complex to speak about conspiracy against Hungary. As far as I can see from England, there is such a conspiracy indeed. There are quite a few people who feature Hungary as ‘a Fascistic   dictatorship’ in the international media all the time . Universities, especially expensive American ones, generally can be characterized by left-wing bias. These give fellowships to people, who are often very intelligent and interesting people, who come from the circles of Miklós Haraszti and János Kis (prominent ex SZDSZ leaders). Then they use their privileges in the Western world to be “opposition beyond the borders”. I think that’s illegitimate political power.

Now these so-called NGOs , with Soros in the background,  cry rivers about “checks and balances”, “civic society building”, “human rights” and “the rule of law” …. and then they are trying not to reveal the documents the government is entitled to ask from any NGO registered in Hungary.   They insist they are “civic organizations” and the Hungarian state should have nothing to do with the money which was flowing from Norway .  On the other hand the government says  that in fact this is direct foreign meddling in Hungary’s internal politics.   Both  Norway  and Hungary   have already summoned their ambassadors regarding this on-going political row.

Márton Gulyás, a manager of one of these  NGOs in question is breezily whining in this video how KEHI (Governmental Auditor Office) cannot demand internal documents from them (concerning who decided, and how, which organizations were given money and which were not). The interview was made by the left-liberal ATV TV channel but even Olga Kálmán, an  infamously partisan left-liberal reporter  was astonished when Gulyás blurted out that the “Norwegian Civic Fund” financed a recent left-liberal political demonstration against the government.

What an epic fail! 😀

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  1. Southerner

     /  08/07/2014

    I don’t think its a much of a stretch to look at a number of “crisis” occurring around us and to wonder if this is not being orchestrated by and for those whom it serves.
    While Hungary, Cypress and others may not be huge targets, they are representative. Those who conduct surveys can tell you, a small sample can accurately report how a far larger group may be relied upon to respond.
    Using carefully calibrated systems and monetary intimidation, press intimidation, running analysis of mass tracking like;facebook and you might be able to wither down an opponent considerably stronger over time without him ever aware of the process occurring. Who knows, Hungary may be a test tube in a new form of societal manipulation.
    I’ve read Mr. Soros was a traitor of sorts, is that true? Why is he so well received in Hungary if this is true? Is it the Money, here in America you always follow the money?


    • “Hungary may be a test tube in a new form of societal manipulation ”

      Well, Hungary sent IMF home and, instead of their austerity recipes (where it’s Joe in the street pays the bill), Orbán made the big banks and retail chains pay. The counter-attack came in the form of crying for media freedom, accusations of autocracy, anti-Semitism, what-have-you. The new Constitution, which replaced the much modified old one and which was still legally continuous with the Communist constitution passed in 1948, made references to God, the Holy Crown of Hungary, ruled out the nonsense “gay marriage” by defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman, etc. poured oil on that fire…

      I don’t think “traitor” would be the right word for Mr. Soros. He supported the postcommunist/left-liberal leftover forces with 500 million Forints (2.2 million USD) last year. So he is “well received” by them. Not so well by others, I think… 😀


  2. bob

     /  25/06/2014

    I’ve seen the link of this post on Facebook, really interesting discussion here, let me add what I found:

    second interview further confirming that the Norway Fund was used for propaganda, for a long time:

    and the Soros funded website 444 created an interview with a low level anti-Hungarian diplomat from the USA :

    It is interesting that even though he is known to be somewhat anti-Hungarian there is no sign of hate in this interview from the US diplomat!

    It is good to see that the sort of “Nazi-style” hatred against Hungarians mentioned earlier is not present everywhere. This might be a sign that US diplomats will treat Hungary better but maybe that is just wishful thinking.


    • Thanks for the links. Strangely the guy thinks it’s all right that a foreign government would finance political demonstrations and political activities in Hungary… How bizarre.
      BTW, the guy was really obnoxious and arrogant, I admired the newsanchor’s patience with him.

      The US diplomat (Melia) said: “The situation with the Norwegian fund worries us… I talked to State Secretary Szijjártó this morning and we hope Hungary and Norway will be able to resolve the issue so that the Norwegian goverment could decide independently which (Hungarian) organizations it supports”.

      I wonder how the US comes in here… Okay, we do know that this “Norwegian Civil Fund” is a Soros-outlet and Soros is a CIA-connected American billionaire.


  3. origo

     /  25/06/2014

    Do you know these people?
    Wolfi the alcoholic nazi German, who hates Hungarians more than his ancestors hated the Jews is spending every waking hour of his on pure hatred. You just have to wonder whether wolfi works for free or is paid somehow?

    Havelaar a retarded cockroach hates Hungarians almost as much as wolfi, he is also really disgusting. Havelaar is really sick minded, he just went crazy with Hungarian hatred. Even the Nazis had some days off and took a break from hate, not Havelaar, he will never take a break from his hatred of Hungarians.

    What I don’t understand is Erik’s position? Why does he allow such constant unending Nazi-style hatred against Hungarians at his site? Is he agreeing with them or what are his reasons?


  4. CIA involvement

     /  25/06/2014

    It is well known that Non-Governmental-Organizations NGO-s act as fronts, cover organizations for CIA and similar ventures. They provide support, cover jobs, freedom of movement and intelligence gathering opportunities.

    For example the NGOs say they have lots of “sensitive data” that they are unwilling to give to even to the host country where they operate. Yet if a few agents work within these NGOs already who are CIA or Mossad, they have access to this data and more without even asking. They just have it by default just by working there. So these NGOs are perfect as fronts or as cover. And of course the US is known to pressure nordic countries to act on their behalf. For example after certain US intervention Swedish prosecution became very interested in the case against Assange, after they already dropped the case…

    But still I don’t think that the present issue is about this at all. Hungary is not a big enough target for the CIA to get involved this publicly. I don’t think the NGO issue is about the CIA and other US agent operators at all.

    This case is all about politics. Many workers in these so called NGOs already hate Hungary and would be willing to do anything to cause harm to the country. Their reasoning goes if Hungary suffers enough, if it gets damaged enough maybe the government will fall, and then they can feast on what is left of the country. They are members of a political class, the Communist and Post Communist variety that used to have everything. They used to own everything in Hungary. All of it. That is what they want again, they still have enormous power, massive amounts of foreign connections which they use as they do in this case.

    Do not underestimate this bunch they are not just some CIA pawns they are always ready to do harm to Hungary by themselves based on their own ideas.


    • I agree regarding Assange’s case with Sweden.

      “Hungary is not a big enough target for the CIA to get involved this publicly.”

      To tell the truth, I find Melia’s intervention a bit odd from this point of view. However the words CIA, Soros and Freedom House definitely have interrelations.


  5. additional info

     /  25/06/2014

    Very important topic, and truly disgusting. Let me add a few points which I found on another website:

    ” who are the people managing the Norway Fund? :

    Foltányi Zsuzsa, LMP party politician and LMP candidate for
    Parliament. LMP candidate for the European Parliament. Founder of an NGO
    which won over 7000 euros from the Norway Fund (coincidence…)

    Herpainé Márkus Ágnes, LMP party politician LMP candidate for the
    position of mayor in Budapest district XIX. One of the 2013 deciders of
    the Norway fund

    Matiszlovicsné Horváth Éva– MSZP party politician, MSZP leading
    figure in Hatvan, previously she was elected MSZP politician to Hatvan
    city council. Also Judging Committee member of the Norway Fund

    Kaufer Virág LMP party politician, leading figure in LMP party, LMP
    member of Parliament from the 2010 election, she judged how good the
    tenders were for the Norway Fund

    Móra Veronika advisor to an NGO that also received over 100 000 EUR
    from the Norway Fund. Mora Veronika was also nominated to an important
    position by Szabo Timea of LMP

    These are clearly party henchmen and not independent NGO people. Trying to portray them as such is nothing but a lie. An audit is not only justified in such a case it must happen.”



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