Left liberals on Hungarian national interest

Tamás Boros, the CEO of Policy Solutions, a left liberal political think tank and PR company, said on the left-liberal/left-wing TV channel ATV:

I believe Hungarian national interest, as such, is very difficult to imagine. 10 million people have different interests, different social classes have different interests.  Entrepreneurs think something and employers think something else. So I cannot believe in this thing ‘whole Hungarian national interest’ in general.

Left liberal news anchor Olga Kálmán answered:  “I agree. I don’t like such generalizations either.”

So much about political discourse with the so-called ‘left liberals’ in  Hungary.  There’s no common ground with those having such mentality. There cannot be.   These sentences were “cseppben a tenger” (“like the ocean in a drop of water”).  No, these two people are not  singular cases.  They can be considered typical enough of those “progressive, pro-European”, what-have-you political groups and parties they keep calling themselves “democratic opposition” in Hungary and who are the favourites of the Western “mainstream” media, EU, USA, IMF, etc.
BTW, the Hungarian nation consists of about 15 million people. Yes, the population of today’s Hungary is 10 million.
These Boros types are simply enemies of the Hungarian nation and they must be treated as such.  So they have to be utterly destroyed from a political, economic and cultural point of view.  It’s a war.
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  1. Géza

     /  14/07/2014

    I can not agree with you more Leto! It is a war, nothing else and they (the liberals/left wing) know it! They try to shut us up and intimidate us by PC and anti-hate laws. Try to brainwash the young so the buy the internationalist view, leave their roots and everything that defends a nation against it’s enemies.

    I try to convince people about these facts, because if they win this war, we are gone as a nation and we loose our country and way of life!



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