Political cowardice or wisdom?

The new monument dedicated to the memory of all victims of Hungary’s occupation by Nazi Germany in 1944, next to the Soviet monument in front of the US embassy which commemorates Hungary’s Soviet occupation in 1945 was yesterday finished… There has been an ongoing hysteria campaign against it for months, with global media support, and its completion (originally scheduled on March the 19th, the day of the Nazi occupation)  has been delayed several times.  Today the government has announced that ,with regard to the ongoing postcommunist (“left liberal”)/Jewish hysteria campaign, the monument will not be unveiled.   The  scum, a few dozen activists of MSZP, Bajnai’s and Gyurcsány‘s parties and some “independent” Holocaust-industry workers, which gathered yesterday to demonstrate against the monument threw eggs and yoghurt at the monument.



I understand the government wants to avoid unnecessary confrontations but   I’m deeply disappointed. This bad  compromise shouldn’t have been made.  The government shouldn’t have given in to these bullies.    They should have called for people’s support. I’m pretty sure a 100+ thousand strong crowd would have gathered easily even in this unbearably hot weather to unveil the monument. (It’s over 30 C here now).

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  1. Southerner

     /  21/07/2014

    I agree with your reasoning, the postponement will be taken as weakness by many of those in opposition to the memorial. Yet in the mean time the memorial does stand and in doing so without an “event” for the opposition to focus their forces against. It is very clever in it being present to be seen for what it is, but without being a lightning rod or rallying point for the opposition. The longer it stays it loses its negatives, actually it is very attractive unlike that which it commemorates.


    • You are right and probably the government is also right from a political tactical point of view, I’m still annoyed like hell they gave in to the hysteria and bullying and there wouldn’t be an unveiling ceremony.



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