Public trust growth in government largest by far in Hungary

The global left-lib media, the left-liberals/socialists abroad and in Hungary have been, and are, crying rivers about “the collapse of democracy in Hungary”, dictatorship, what have you.

Today I’ve found some informative infographics  here from Eurobarometer which, at least for me,  doesn’t seem to confirm these evergreen charges against the Orbán government. (Leftlibs are welcome to try to explain these data away in the comment section.)

Public trust in government

Gyurcsány‘s left-liberal coalition (Hungarian Socialist Party, MSZP and Alliance of Free Democrats. SZDSZ) government changed their prime minister in 2009 and Orbán‘s conservative-Christian democrat (Fidesz and KNDP) government coalition swept  into power on the 2010 elections with a supermajority (and  they kept it in 2014)

This is how much people trusted their government in the October of 2007 (before the economic crisis) throughout Europe:

Public trust in governments

October, 2007

And this is six years later:


Public trust

November, 2013

During the six year period 2007-2013, the biggest loss of trust in the national governments occurred in Spain (a whopping 40 percent decrease) and the biggest gain occurred in Hungary (a ten percent increase).

It’s edifying, isn’t it?


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  1. ttms

     /  01/08/2014

    Actually the difference as far as i can see is 21% in 2007 vs 37% in 2013 i.e. 16 percentage units up (not 10). In terms of percentage it is about 50%. Which is great achievement.

    Having said that 37% is not very high either, comparing to some of the older (more stable) democracies, like Scandinavia, Austria – where as definitely Italy has chronic mistrust.

    Almost all ex-com countries have low trust (below 30%).What do you think is the reason?
    Unrealistic expectations on improvement or instability of the political system?


    • Hi,
      No, 37% isn’t high compared to those countries.
      I think the common factor behind the low trust level in the ex-com countries is people’s life experience with the state, that is the dictatorship, which was not to be trusted, of course. Then there is an extra Hungarian factor, too, which stems from Hungary’s history in the last 500 years (Hapsburg rule, Nazi occupation, Soviet occupation…)
      This big relative improvement in Hungary occurred only because the Socialist-Liberal rule really depleted people’s trust and what we could see is the return to the historic “suspicious trust” behaviour. Public trust will stabilize at about this level in Hungary.

      Our political system is quite stable. There haven’t been early elections held in Hungary since the collapse of Communism in 1990. So in fact our political system was too stable when Gyurcsány and his gang should have been sacked in 2006…


      • ttms

         /  02/08/2014

        Thanks, i think you are right about ex-com countries.

        Gyurcsány issue is very strange to me: any normal politician (or decent person) would have resigned (or forced to resign by his own party) for the sake of his country – or at least for the sake of his own party (that might be more important) but he stuck there until he doomed almost both of them. Well, he might not be the only eco-centric politician- even in hungary – but he might have been the most reckless one….


        • Well, you must know that Gyurcsány was raised to the shield of MSZP-SZDSZ as a kind of an “anti-Orbán”, somebody who can defeat Orbán. And he did…. in a Pyrrhic victory in 2006. Then his grabbing on his seat, and his actual success in that, was “the revenge of the clone”, “róka fogta csuka” (that’s the Hungarian phrase for “Mexican standoff”) between MSZP-SZDSZ and Gyurcsány. Orbán gave Gyurcsány a “72 hour ultimatum” to resign during the 2006 crisis. The postcommunist-leftlibs mocked that move a lot… and they united behind Gyurcsány… and this was exactly what Orbán wanted. 😀 Gyurcsány, who is excessively narcissistic, very skillful in pulling the strings, has good tactical skills (and apparently awful strategic ones), sinked the whole of MSZP-SZDSZ aircraft carrier by his not resigning until 2009.



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