David Irving at the helm of the FBI

FBI Director  James Comey wrote in the Washington Times last Thursday: “In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and so many, many other places didn’t do something evil.”
Both Poland and Hungary have protested on diplomatic channels.
I found an excellent Polish response from Agaton Koziński
Today one does not even try to deny the fact in general public discourse that the Holocaust took place. However the lie, the very same lie for which [Holocaust denier British historian] David Irving went to jail, still resurfaces.   It does only in a slightly modified form. Now, in accordance with  modern trends, it’s proclaimed in order to relativize this singular event.  The lie takes the form of arguing that it’s not only Germany which is responsible for the murder of Jews but other nations are, too.   Mostly Poles, but also Hungarians, Latvians and Ukrainians. This transfer of responsibility to others is a way to justify that the Germans just went with the European trends of the 1930’s. But that’s a lie. Germans stoked anti-Semitism in Europe to the level of a genocide.  It’s frightening that you have to fight for such an obvious truth .
I don’t speak Polish and I hope I managed to clean up the Google-translated text properly.
All I could add that we can see these attempt to transfer responsibility in Hungary, too.  See, for example, the hysteria about the memorial to all victims of World War Two.
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  1. Steve

     /  23/04/2015

    The Germans? What about the Austrians? What about the Polish anti-Semites who were proposing in the 30’s (even in the Sejm) to throw hundreds of thousands of Jews into labor camps and then expel them (if not worse)? And who killed quite a lot of Jews in pogroms between the wars (and even some during and after WW2)? Or the Polish ambassador who told Hitler that the Poles would erect a monument to him in Warsaw if he succeeded in ‘solving the Jewish problem’? And the large number of even Polish collaborators in anti-Jewish actions during the war? Or the Russians who massacred tens of thousands (some estimates hundreds of thousands) of Jews in pogroms around WW1 also? Or the Soviets who slaughtered millions of people (mostly non-Jews admittedly) in a vast system of organized terror before Hitler even occupied Prague? The Rumanians under Antonescu also killed huge numbers of Jews on their own, in their own annexed part of Ukraine (Transnistria). Even the Hungarian anti-semites did not need the Germans to have the idea of killing Jews (as happened on a limited scale during Horthy’s ‘White Terror’, after Kun’s ‘Red Terror’), though they did it later mostly under the German occupation, albeit when it was in its last weeks. And Mussolini made some nasty remarks about Jews to Hitler, and even said he would do the same, or even more

    You see the converse argument applies, the Nazi regime may have organized the biggest slaughter of Jews, but it did so with the help and even example of many others, who cannot escape their own responsibility for their own actions. Trying to pin it all on Germany is the lie, even the ‘Germans’/Nazis could not have killed nearly so many without the willing help of many non-Germans, who hated the Jews just as much, or at least did not give a damn about them, and the example of other mass killings prepared the climate for such things in the first place. And, the Nazis and the Germans are not the same thing, especially nowadays.

    Dear Magyars, do not fall for the stupid and vile lie that it’s all the Germans’ fault, Germany has always been and will remain one of Hungary’s key allies in the world, and the closest big one in terms of ethnicity and culture (the large majority of Hungarians actually not being Asiatic by origin but central European, despite the fascinating language inherited from the original nomadic Magyars from the steppes), plus economic and political interests, despite arguments about the best form of the EU or energy sources. One can certainly respect the right of Hungarians to defend their own case and interests, but not by jumping on the oversized and overcrowded bandwagon of German-bashing.

    As for the remarks of the Americans, it should not be forgotten that one of the biggest genocides in history took place against the native inhabitants of the Americas, especially in the early centuries, when the overall slaughter was on a scale exceeding even that of the Holocaust, as documented by some Spaniards of the time.



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