The blog revives!

I abandoned this blog a long time ago even though I got encouragement from several people that I should continue posting.  I had collected only a small audience and I found it was too much work to compose well-researched articles with proper references.

A lot of things have happened in Hungarian politics since the October of 2014. Hungary got in the limelight yet again with the illegal migration crisis. Actually it’s not a particularly good thing for a small country to appear in the headlines of the global media day after day. This crisis turned our “pugnacious”  ( (C) Reuters, I think ) prime minister  into a kind of folk hero in Europe from the black sheep of the European political and media elite.


A protest in Germany after the mass sexual attacks in Cologne and elsewhere

Orbán was even chosen “the Politician of the Year” by an influential left-liberal political portal:

More than at any time in his winding career, Orbán shapes as much as fits the European zeitgeist

At the height of the migrant crisis, about 10,000 illegal migrants a day were trespassing Hungary last summer every day. Orbán’s razor wire fence, which “evoked memories of the Nazi times” for Austria’s chancellor, reduced this number to around ten illegal migrants a day by now.  Now Austria builds border fences… er, a gate with long sideways wings.


Anyway, I’ve decided to revive my blog now. The posts will be shorter, they will be more subjective or personal than before and I won’t try to reference everything I write.  If you want a reference to something you want to know more about then please ask for it in the comment section.

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