Hungary in the USA Presidential Campaign

It’s really nothing new that USA politicians are bashing Hungary.  Last year Obama was worrying  that “NGOs are harassed in Hungary like in Egypt or Putin’s Russia” and Sen. John McCain called PM Orbán “a neo-Fascist dictator who goes to bed with Putin”.  What is new a bit that they do that in ‘two-in-one’ with our Polish friends. 🙂

Ex-president and aspiring First Lord  Clinton said earlier that

Orbán wants money and to remain in power for good

and then he said this a few days ago:

Poland and Hungary, two countries that would not be free, but for the United States and the long Cold War, have not decided this democracy is too much trouble. They want Putin-like leadership. Just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out. Sound familiar?


That was a snub at Republican candidate Donald Trump, of course.

Maybe the Hungarian government should have just ignored Clinton’s latest insult and nonsense but Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó still quipped this way:

No one – not even former US President Bill Clinton – should feel he can insult Hungarians, the freedom of Hungary was achieved by the people of Hungary; tens of thousands of Hungarians sacrificed their lives for freedom.  Therefore it is unacceptable for someone to belittle the fight for freedom of the people of Hungary in this manner.

Mr. Clinton must surely know that the people of Hungary have decided on Hungary’s future in democratic parliamentary elections. Mr. Clinton may not like the decision of the people of Hungary, but this cannot be sufficient reason for the former President to insult them like this.

Well, one can safely say that another Clinton in the White House wouldn’t be something to rejoice about for Hungary. So ….



Update:  Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute has just published an excellent article on this. It also put Clinton’s words, and how Hungarians view them,  into a historical context.


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  1. perceptiveverses

     /  07/06/2016

    Surely coming from the Clintons this is a compliment? Nice post and once again it shows the arrogance of the elitist politicians who simply hate people thinking for themselves.


  2. Hi there Leto. Nice post – then again I wouldn’t expect any less.

    Clinton still thinks that old charm of his works. Like it did twenty years ago, when he was leaving his bodily fluids on ball-gowns.
    As an American friend told me: Morals -who cares when there’s a chicken in every pot?

    That was back then, now its only the few that still have chickens in their pot and it gets less and less by the day – thanks to the enlightened policies of these hippies. who have robbed society, to build themselves and their mates insulated lifestyles,
    They view the outside world, from the inside of a bubble of money and this warps their perception of reality.

    It is also proof if ever you needed it of the conspiracy that exists between the various authoritarian elites, in this case EU to Clinton. Last week King Kong tells the dumb British electorate they really should stop getting uppity, as their are consequences, that in their stupidity and blind ignorance they cannot foresee.

    Hopefully, we will be further entertained by Bill’s hypocrisy and vain ignorance/arrogance, in the run up to the American elections.


    • Hi Colin,

      No doubt this is the very same arrogance what we saw from Obama when he visited the UK. It’s the same stable.


      • Arrogance yes, but from what direction? For what purpose?
        A globalist thing,
        A Koudenhove Calgeheri thing
        A HATO thing.
        An environmentalist issue, the EU doesn’t produce much global warming as it turns itself into a cold, well regulated, third world shithole.
        A hippie thing – The Europeans might civilise the sand niggers if they show them peace and love is the way forward.
        A Hillary thing – far easier for me an Hills to deal with a centrally controlled cess pit of serfs.

        There’s a few more. Bill is still an enigma even nowadays



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