Hungarian thoughts in support of Brexit

I’ve been planning a post titled “A Hungarian’s thoughts on Brexit” but this one has taken most of the words out of my keyboard.


Flag-Pins-Hungary-Great-BritainFor all the breath – and tweets – I’ve spent on Brexit the past few weeks, I feel obligated to say a few words about why it matters to me. I don’t live in the UK, much less vote there, so some might argue that it’s really none of my business. My interest in Brexit is purely in the salutary effect it may eventually have for other EU member nations such as Hungary and our Visegrád 4 friends. The EU in its current form is an insult to common sense, a Frankenstein’s monster of excessive regulation, contempt for democracy, elitist snobbery and shadowy manipulation. Unfortunately, like Frankenstein’s monster, it possesses great strength.

We like-minded bystanders are optimistic that Brexit will derail the runaway train of EU totalitarianism. It will at best, I hope, so profoundly damage the puppetmasters’ plans for the people of Europe that the EU will – perhaps…

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  1. Hello you. Yay. (He didn’t bolck mine either) A great day with just 5 results to come in as I type


    • Congratulations, Brits!

      Remember you haven’t saved your country yet. You must do away with PC liberalism or you’ll be a caliphate.


  2. Leto – Your comments are going out to the Website you blagged this post off – it would appear.


    • It’s a standard WordPress feature that the re-blogging comment is automatically published on the original blog. The original post writer may block them.. but he didn’t block mine. 🙂



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