Orbán’s lecture on the 27th Summer Open University in Transylvania

Thank you for Bill Still  for the English-subtitled video. Please check out his website.

The video starts playing where, as the first (and so far only?) incumbent leader in the world, he endorsed US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.
However it’s highly recommended to watch the lecture in full!

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  1. Southerner

     /  05/09/2016

    I agree with your appraisal of the result of the Clinton choice; my father (90) and all my family like his pitch only because of what it apparently protects us from, HER! Ultimately when even casually looking at his historical record you see a man not unlike Soros and Clinton. They say what you need them to say to get what they want from you.
    It’s not surprising that he has dialed in on the fears and asperations of so many in contrast to Hillary. I don’t know Mr. Orban but his enemy’s seem to dislike him for a fairly consistent tract record. Like or loath him, it’s because of what he’s done not just said they feel the way they do.
    I’m not saying Trump would govern exactly the same as Clinton but there would be very little real difference in the trajectory of our republic and our freadom S being eroded.
    My observation with my close relationships is that no one is enthusiastic for Trump base on anything he’s done. They see even his wealth as being earned off less than noble means. They see her and what he is saying that make them feel better about their financial security and making our country return to what they once enjoyed.
    Anyway I look forward to being in your country a few more times this year and early next and by then the mistery will be largely solved. As I tell those in my family, I hope I’m wrong. It’s just history, tract records and human nature are on my side.
    Thanks for the post. I will take time and read the subtext of your courageous prime ministers speech.

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  2. Southerner

     /  04/09/2016

    Please correct me of I’m mistaken, Mr. Trumps first wife is a Hungarian. That would mean the first family is half Hungarian. Trumps mother was from a small Scottish Heberdies island. Don’t know his dad’s Herritage.
    Not personally pleased with the two main choices her in the US presidential election as I feel that no matter their stated positions to get elected nether have a honorable tract record.
    Their are no Chuchills or Regan’s as I see it, but the challenges we face are unpesidented.


    • Hello Southerner,

      Nice to hear from you. 🙂

      No, his first wife is Czech. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivana_Trump
      I think the general consensus in Hungary, apart from the left-lib who don’t matter, is that practically anybody would be better for us than Hillary Clinton. Trump is non-PC (politically correct) and that’s definitely a big, big brownie point for him. However he doesn’t appear to be an eloquent, reflective and educated man. (I’ve tried my best at putting it in a British understatement. 😮 )
      Orbán has explained in the video that Trump’s promise to stop “democracy export” in the Middle East and his approach to illegal migration could mean life to Hungary and Europe. On the other hand Clinton’s (fake) humanitarianism, open border/human rights ideology and interventionist “democracy” preaching could bring death and destruction to us. Her puppet master is called George Soros who is so keen on flooding Europe with Middle Eastern and African masses.



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